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Questionnaire entitled Public relations to physical training and sports



In the annual Address of the Leader of the nation Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan, one of priorities and important directions is to increase life expectancy of Kazakhstani people, to promote a healthy way by doing sports, mass engaging the population in playing sports and fostering the future sports generation for the blessing of development of the Sovereign state.

According to the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On physical training” dated from July 3, 2014 for the accounting period the efforts had been made to ensure the public administration and coordination in the sphere of physical training and sports.

From the beginning of 2018, the region held 2 international, 24 republican, 116 regional and more than 1300 city and districts sports events. The most significant among them are carrying out of the Asian Women’s Volleyball International Championship with participation of 9 strongest Women’s club teams; on June, 16 the World Kazakh Kuresi Grand Prix in memory of  Yrgyzbai Doskhanauly with participation of sportsmen from more than 20 countries of the World. XXI Games of the National Sports, dedicated to the 20-th anniversary of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Astana city took place on May, 23-27 this year, with participation of more than 2,500 people in 22 events.

In the region there are nearby 2,000 sportsmen with limited capacities. The sports club started to work for this category of citizens, and already for this time our region won for the first time gold in arm-wrestling and dances on carriages, chess, won silver in checks and football. 1 Sign Olympics of East Kazakhstan took place on June, 13 in 8 events with participation of 92 sportsmen with limited capacities.

We summed up the carrying out of winter tests of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the Leader of the Nation. The overall coverage of participants accounted for 213,610 people that makes up 17,4 % of the average number of the population of the region. We also summed up the carrying out of summer tests of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan with participation of 254,111 people that makes up 18,37 % of the average number of the population of the region, or increased in 21,000 people in comparison with 2017.

The national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan in various events included 974 sportsmen from East Kazakhstan. Including the juvenile national team has 325, the senior national team has 253, in the senior national team has 396 sportsmen.

For the accounting period, we prepared 7 masters of sports of the international class, 54 masters of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 390 candidate masters of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 206 has the first grades.

Construction of a modern cultural-sports complex Abai Arena to the 300-th anniversary of Semey city is underway, seating for 5,000, including a 50 meter pool, a pool of synchronous swimming, a high diving-board and a diving board, training and fitness centers.


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