East Kazakhstan Regional Fund for Support of Needy Citizens

Virtual reception

Dear East Kazakhstani, dear sponsors!

We thank you kindly for your participation in the regional charitable marathon “Do Good” of 2009 year.
Charity - not an invention of now days, traditions of charity on the Earth have the centuries-old history. It bases on the desire of people to follow commandments of high good, their readiness to respond to another's pain and grief.
Our fund can now declare, that the spark of sincere generosity, pure humanity so brightly burns in hearts of many citizens of our region.

Executive Director – Gaisa Saken Zhunisbekuly

Saken Gaisa was born in 1964 in Besterek village of Ulan district of East Kazakhstan region. In the village went to school. In 1981 he finished the Abai school in Almasai village.

In 1982-1984 served in the Soviet Army in Leningrad city. After Army in 1989 entered Ust-Kamenogorsk Pedagogical Institute on Historical-Pedagogical Faculty.
In 1989-1992 instructed in history and Kazakh language at high school and in City Technical College No.12.
In 1992-1993 worked as a translator, press-secretary in EK regional Council of People's Deputies.
1993-1995 worked as the head of Domestic Policy Department in Ulba District Administration, 1995-1996 worked as head of Youth Department in “EK Regional Youth, Tourism and Sports Administration”, in 1996-1998 was the head of “State Inspection for Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection” in EK Regional Culture Administration.
From 1998 till June, 2009 worked as a manager in EK Regional Fund for Support of Needy Citizens.
Since July 1, 2009 - executive director of PF “EK Regional Fund for Support of Needy Citizens”.  

Direction of activity:

1. Accumulation of financial assets, and also other property, transferred in the form of charitable contribution and humanitarian aid; 

2. Loan operations: arrangement of microcredits in the monetary form;

3. Investment of production (services) on the basis of contractual activity for creation of additional workplaces to needy citizens;

4. Realization of representation of National Fund in the region.

5. Interaction with actives of all levels, divisions of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Fund for Support of Needy Citizens;

6. Organization of charitable actions for support of needy citizens, granting of material and financial help, rendering of services;

7. Organization of charitable evenings, marathons, teleactions and other actions for updating of financial assets;

Categories of unemployed of active working age of needy citizens, financed by the Fund:

1. Large families.

2. Invalids of 1,2,3 groups.

3. Incomplete large families.

4. Single mothers.

5. Orphans.

EK Regional Fund for Support of Needy Citizens among public organizations has the special status. It is created by the Governmental Order RK according to the Decree of the President of the country from December 10, 1997.

Its main purpose - support of lower-income citizens, basically through microcrediting, participation in realization of local programs of poverty control.

Basically credits are taken for live-stock handling and cultivation of vegetable production but there are also such directions as repair of footwear, tailoring of bed-clothes and clothes, manufacturing of furniture and national applied art.

It is possible to note the following fund receivers who successfully realized the business projects through the microcredit:
Bodanbayev Serik from Tarbagatai district - part-time farming.
Suprunova Irina from Ulan district - part-time farming.
Kalymov Bakytbek from Ust-Kamenogorsk city - repair of footwear.
Usmanova Mahabbat from Urjar district – café of national kitchen.

Kussainova Perizat from Zaisan district - cultivation of vegetables.

Dauletbayev Zhaksybek from Ust-Kamenogorsk city - tailoring of caps  
Russhanov Erik from Kurchum district - repair of footwear.
Khuatai Sabit from Semey city - manufacturing of furniture and subjects of national applied art.
For 12 years the fund has confirmed by its affairs, that the purpose is fine, and the way of solving is simple and wise.

Tel.: 8 (7232) 259-269
Address: 101 Tokhtarov St., Ust-Kamenogorsk city

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