Social sphere
Basic development strategy of population social protection of East Kazakhstan region till 2020

Tripartite foreign agreement

The regional tripartite foreign Agreement on social partnership for 2018-2020 between regional akimat, representatives of workers and representatives of employers of the region is provided for the signature of the regional akim between Businessmen Chamber of East Kazakhstan region (representatives of employers) and territorial association of trade unions Trade-Union Center of East Kazakhstan region.

According to the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Agreement shall apply to all enterprises, organizations and establishments operating in the territories of the region.

The Agreement is signed by Businessmen Chamber of East Kazakhstan region and Trade-Union Center of East Kazakhstan region with the protocol of disputes. The items includes the proposals of trade unions, and not agreed with the representative of employers, in particular: on paid time for realization of functions by technical inspectors on labour safety and granting benefits and guarantees to workers at the polluted territories according to positions of the law On social protection of citizens suffered from nuclear weapon tests at the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Testing Site.



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