Food and processing industry
“Shemazat” LTD (Ridder’s meat-packing plant)
“Emil” Ltd
 “Vostok-Moloko” corporation

Food and processing industry

Food and processing branch of the region is represented by 879 enterprises with predominance of small and average enterprises, 30 enterprises are among large ones. Volume of foodstuff production as a whole on the region, including drinks, reaches 50,6 billion tenge, index of actual volume made up 102 %.

Now enterprises of food and processing industry are developed due to attraction of investments. Processing enterprises of the region mastered nearby 2,0 billion tenge of investments, including from means of the regional budget 260,0 million tenge, banks of the second level 1335,0 million tenge and from regional fund of business “Damu –Regions” - 455,0 million tenge.

Branches of food and processing industry are developed in the following basic directions:

  1. Development of processing productions in abrogated rayon centers.
  2. Introduction in production of innovative technologies.
  3. Formation of cluster approach at production and processing of agricultural products.

4 slaughter shops for industrial butchering are planned to open due to means of the regional budget in abrogated rayon centers: in Katon-Karagai settlement of Katon-Karagai rayon, in Terekty settlement of Kurchum rayon, in Bozanbai settlement of Ulan rayon, in Akshoky settlement of Urjar rayon. Milling shop is planned to reconstruct and modernize in Samara settlement of Kokpekty rayon. Innovative technologies for manufacture of dairy production with a long period of storage is introduced at dairy factory “Istok-1” Ltd in Shemonaikha rayon for increase of production competitiveness. Cluster enterprise on manufacture and primary processing of beekeeping production is created in Katon-Karagai rayon.

Eight processing enterprises of the region are certificated according to ISO 9000 quality management system. Now 18 enterprises are at a stage of development and introduction of production quality management system. Breakthrough project on production of dairy products «Creation of vertically-integrated structure on manufacture of agricultural production, its processing» (reconstruction of Ust-Kamenogorsk city diary plant) is realized in the region. Almaty firm «Raimbek Voctok» and Ust-Kamenogorsk firm of “Vostok-moloko” Ltd are engaged in realization of this very project. The project provides carrying out of technical reequipment of a diary plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk city, opening of shop on manufacture of packing for dairy products. As a result of realization of the project up to 10 tons of dairy production per day will be produced in addition. As a whole, available capacities in the operating processing enterprises allow us to process fully all produced agricultural production of the region.

The following measures are assumed in the region for stability of food products prices:

  1. For stabilization of flour and bread prices in the region, the regional stabilization fund of grain is formed, memorandum is concluded with enterprises of Kustanay and Akmola regions about purchases of grain, memorandums are signed with large milling enterprises and bakers of the region for formation of uniform price for white bread; 
  2. For stabilization of meat prices, contracts are concluded between akims of Ust-Kamenogorsk city, Semey city and akims of nearby rayons on meat deliveries in a trading network of the regional center and Semey city at the fixed prices;
  3. With the purpose of domestic market saturation with milk and dairy production and check to prices for them, the memorandum is concluded between milk producers and enterprises of processing industry for formation of a price level on purchase of raw milk and realization of dairy production in a trading network.



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