Justice Department

Law-enforcement agencies

Head: Andassov Nurgali Essirkepovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070002, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 6 Voroshilov St.

Phone: 8-7232-70-40-46

Web site: www.shko.adilet.gov.kz

Justice Administration of East Kazakhstan region is a territorial agency of executive authority, within the competence carrying out of legal assurance of activity of the state, supporting a mode of legality in work of the state agencies, organizations, officials and citizens. Providing protection of rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations.

  1. state registration of normative legal acts of Maslikhats, Akimats and Akims, conducting the State register of normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. state registration of legal persons, registration of branches and representations, and also conducting the uniform state register of legal persons and the register of branches and representations;
  3. state civil registration;
  4. management of the activity of the state notary's offices, assistance to development of private notariate, control for legality of made notarial actions;
  5. interdepartmental coordination of legal propaganda, participation in explanation of the legislation;
  6. apostilling the official documents, requested with judicial authorities and other state agencies, and also from notaries;
  7. providing intellectual property rights;
  8. issue to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan of identification cards and passports, registration and removal from registration of the population.

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