Criminal-Executive System Department on East Kazakhstan region

Law-enforcement agencies

Head: Moldazhanov Talgat Alexandrovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, , Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 21 Levanevsky St.

Phone: 8-7232-57-61-58

Reception of citizens: on Monday from 15.00 p.m. till 17.00 p.m.


Criminally-Executive System of East Kazakhstan region represents itself a set of organizations, institutions and structural divisions, executing criminal punishments. Department of Committee of Criminally-Executive System of East Kazakhstan region (DC CES EKR) is a department, within the competence of the Committee CES RK providing control-supervising functions, and also inter-branch coordination in the area of criminal punishments execution. 

Criminally-Executive System consists of 14 institutions, including:
2 investigatory insulators (ОV 156/1, ОV 156/19);
2 corrective colonies of general mode (ОV 156/3, ОV 156/18);
6 corrective colonies of strict mode (ОV 156/2,6,14,15,17,20);
2 colonies-settlements (ОV 156/13, ОV 156/16);
Educational colony for minors (ОV 156/22);

Female colony (ОV 156/21).

The place of location: Ust-Kamenogorsk city – ОV-156/1,2,3,20,22, Semey city – ОV-156/14,15,19, in Saratovka settlement of Ulan district OV-156/13, in Prirechnoe settlement of Zhanasemey district OV-156/16, Solnechnoe settlement of Zharma district OV-156/17,18,21, Polovinka station of Shemonaikha district  - OV-156/6. From the above stated institutions, three of them cure alcoholism and drug addiction (ОV-156/3,6,15), institution OV-156/20 cures tuberculosis, Republican somatic hospital functions in institution OV-156/15.


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