"Defence Department of East Kazakhstan region" RSI

Law-enforcement agencies

Head: Kairkanov Kaiyrbek Sailaubekovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070019, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 18 Novatorov St.,

Phone: 8-7232-52-22-36

Reception of citizens: weekly on Thursday from 15.00 p.m. till 18.00 p.m.

Basic directions of activity:

- maintenance of high operational readiness of Department and subordinated to it administrations and departments of cities and districts;
- organization of work on performance of mobilization representation, interaction with executive representative agencies, other power departments;
- organization and conducting the account of human, transport, material resources;
- conducting the accounts of both young men youth undergoing pre-conscription military training and call-up age, control and rendering methodical assistance to agencies and establishments of education on preparation of citizens for military service;
- registration of citizens in recruiting centres, draft of citizens on service for a fixed period and on military service under contract, selection of citizens and official registration of papers for enrollment in military schools;
- organization of work on patriotic education of the population together with representative, executive agencies, public associations of the region, with veterans of war and military conflicts, propaganda of fighting traditions of the senior generations, prestige of military service and positive image of armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- maintenance of firm military and labour discipline in subordinated managements and departments on defense issues, healthy, moral and psychological condition of personnel.

Rules of military account of persons liable for call-up and conscripts

Rules of military account of persons liable for call-up and conscripts in the Republic of Kazakhstan are regulated by governmental order RK from May 5, 2006 № 371.
Military account covers all categories of citizens subjected to military account, except for:
1) women who do not have military-registration speciality;
2) avoided from elimination of conscription;
3) serving sentences in the form of imprisonment;
4) constantly living outside RK;
Primary statement on military account of male citizens of 17 years is carried out in local organs of military administration (LOMA), during postscript to draft stations from January till March.
Citizens who have reached limiting age of stay in stock are removed from the military account of persons liable for call-up:
- Soldiers (sailors), sergeants (foremen) of stock - 45 years;
- Officers - 55 years inclusively.

Women liable for call-up:

- Soldiers (sailors), sergeants (foremen) - 35 years inclusively;
- For persons of officers - 45 years inclusively.
Citizens subjected to military account are necessary to:
1) come in positioned time and place on a call (call-up papers) in LOMA (of city, district) or other organ which carries out the military account on residence, bringing identity card (time certificate instead of identity card) or certificate of postscript for draft station, and also identification card of citizen RK and driver's license (in presence).
2) register in military account in LOMA in seven-day term on arrival to residence after transfer to the reserve from AF RK;
3) report in seven-day term in LOMA or other organ carrying out military account on change of work place or post, education, residence within the district, city;
4) be struck off the register from military account at leaving for a new residence or place of temporary stay (more than 3 months) and register on military account in seven-day term on arrival on a new residence;
5) revert in LOMA (of city, district) or other organ which carries out the account on a residence in case of loss of identity card (certificate of postscript) in seven-day term.
In settlements where there are no LOMA the military account of citizens is carried out by akimats of settlements, auls (villages), aul (rural) district.

Call-up in ranks of military service

Local agencies through corresponding organs of military management organize and provide carrying out of call-up of citizens. Draft commissions headed by heads of local organs of military management (region, city, district) are formed for carrying out of call-up of citizens on.
Call-up of citizens on service for a fixed period is conducted two times per year on the basis of the Decree of the President RK and governmental order of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Citizens in the age from 18 till 27 years, not having rights to delay or discharge of call-up in quantity necessary for acquisition AF RK, other armies and military formations are subjected to call-up on service for a fixed period.
Discharge of call-up is given on the solution (city of regional value) to the draft commission.
Discharge can be given according to the following basis:
1) on family circumstances;
2) for continuation of education;
3) on health state;
4) for other reasons.
From call-up on an appeal in a peace time citizens are voided:
1) having passed or passing military service;
2) recognized unusable for military service on state of health;
3) not called up legally after achievement of 27 years;
4) which one of relatives (father, mother, brother or sister) was died or became invalid of the first or second group during service in army.
5) who has already serviced in army (alternative service) in other state;
6) having a scientific degree;

Military service under contract

Persons entering on military service under the contract, should meet the following requirements:
1) to have citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
2) not to be younger than 19 years, except for cadets, and not senior the limit age for military service depending on military rank positioned by the legislation RK;
On military service under the contract cannot be accepted a person:
1) recognized by court incapacitated or limited capable;
2) refused to take up the restrictions positioned by the legislation RK;
3) having a previous conviction which on time of call-up is not extinguished or is not removed in the order positioned by the law or concerning which criminal case is raised;
4) who during two years before receipt on military service was involved in disciplinary responsibility for fulfillment of corruption offence;
5) who during one year before receipt on military service was imposed the official penalty in the judicial order for deliberate offence;
6) dismissed from public service on negative motives, if from the date of dismissal has not passed one year.

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