Public Health Administration

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Мухамеджан Ильяс Тунгышканович

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, , Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 36 Gogol St.,

Phone: 8-7232-52-32-02

Public Health Administration of East Kazakhstan region (further Administration) is a structural division of the Central Executive Agency of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, within the region according to the legislation carries out special executive, control, supervisory functions and interbranch coordination in the sphere of health protection of citizens.
Administration includes the following departments: administrative, coordination of treatment-and-prophylactic activity, protection of motherhood and childhood, licensing, planning and payment of medical services, state purchases and medicinal provision, book keeping, domestic audit.

Administration controls:

General management of treatment-and-prophylactic work of public health institutions not depending on patterns of ownership. Questions of interaction with territorial agencies of public health services, licensing, accreditation of medical institutions. Questions of medical statistics and pharmacological support. Coordination and execution of “State program of reforming and development of public health services for 2005-2010”, “Regional program of reforming and development of public health services EKR for 2005-2007”.
General management of obstetrical and children's medical institutions of public health system. Interaction with regional Education Administration. Control for activity of private medical structures rendering medical assistance. Participation in session of the competitive commissions. Regulation of activity of folk healers. Questions of children's nutrition. Analysis of parameters on childhood and obstetric aid.
Development and realization of financial policy of Administration. Organization of work on execution of regional and republican budgetary programs of Administration in sphere of health protection of citizens. Organization of work on formation of the budgetary application of Administration, development and preparation of passports of budgetary programs. Monitoring and estimation of efficiency of budgetary programs of state enterprises, joint-stock companies with participation of the state. Participation in work of Maslikhat, interdepartmental commissions of regional Akimat concerning financing public health services. Organization of financial activity of Administration. Realization of methodical management and organization of work concerning salary, introduction of new progressive forms and methods of salary.
Control for implementation of Decrees of the President, the Governmental order RК, Decisions and orders of the regional Akimat concerning public health services. Implementation of Law RК “On public service” and sublegislatives to it. Orders of Chairman of Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Public Service, Law RК “On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the Governmental orders “On measures on legal training organization in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Law RК “On political housecleaning”. Emergencies, mobilization readiness, observance of privacy. Control for condition of office-work and archival business. Certification of doctors and average medical workers. Complaints, control documents.
Coordination of agencies and institutions of public health of the region concerning treatment-and-prophylactic services to the population. Organization, preparation and carrying out of working meetings concerning treatment-and-prophylactic services to the population, boards of regional Public Health Administration. Control for duly execution on terms of decisions came in Administration, orders, documents, letters and applications, choosing and direction of patients in republican clinics on a quota.
Organization of work of Administration on carrying out of state purchases contests. Work with treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of the region of any pattern of ownership on correct organization of medicinal provision and carrying out of the state purchases, on formation of specifications and applications for medicinal provision. Check of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions on expenditure of budgetary appropriations.
Control of legality of made financial operations, conformity to their legislative and normative legal acts. Analysis of financial activity of enterprises. Control of receipt and expenditure of means for realization of paid services in the subordinated organizations. Carrying out of the off-schedule control. Monitoring procedure on duly transfer in the budget, check of correctness of drawing up of plans of financing on programs, tariffing, establishment of official salaries, execution of means on special-purpose designation.

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