Domestic Policy Administration

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Smith Irina Fyedorovna

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070019, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 40 M.Gorky St.

Phone: 8-7232-71-32-22, 26-42-54

Web site:


Domestic Policy Administration was created by the decision of the regional Akim N1101 from August 16, 2001 “On Domestic Policy Administration”

Primary objectives:

Provision and consolidation of domestic political stability in the region;
Organization of holding a complex of information-explanatory work among the population on propaganda of practical realization of positions of Strategy “Kazakhstan – 2030”, annual Addresses of the President of the country, priorities of the state domestic policy;
Strengthening of constructive interaction with public associations;
Regulation of activity of executive authorities concerning realization of the state youth policy, interaction with nongovernmental organizations. Their involving in solving of socially significant problems of the region;
Organization of work concerning the state information policy;
Development of practical recommendations in the sphere of domestic policy, offers on consolidation of the society and strengthening of domestic political stability;
Studying, generalization and analysis of political processes occurring in the region and tendencies of their development;

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