Construction, Architecture and City Planning Administration

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Key goals of Administration are:

1) developing and implementing regional programs of housing construction and seismic reinforcement  development;
2) participating in the development and coordination of projects of social economic development of the region, cities and districts;
3) building and reconstructing objects of welfare, administrative and housing-and-municipal purpose.

Administration carries out the following functions:

1) organizing the work on putting into service of objects (complexes)  in the manner established by the legislation;
2) conducting monitoring of under construction (planned for construction) objects and complexes in accordance with established procedure positioned by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 

3) organizing the construction and operation of sewage disposal plants of municipal property; 
4) is a customer for building, reconstruction and repair of objects of the regional municipal property and objects of welfare purpose; 

5) Administration is the manager of budget programs that considers, approves and re- approves the city-planning and other design (design estimate) documentation on construction of objects (site development of territories) of local importance; 
6) implementing special activities of civil defence and emergency situations in peace and wartime by the regional engineering service (Administration); 
7) Administration can carry out and other functions according to objects assigned to it and not contradicting the current legislation, and also specially assigned by the regional akimat.

Implementing the tasks assigned to it and fulfilling the responsibility, Administration  has the right:

1) to submit for consideration to the regional akimat of issues and offers on perfection and improvement of work of construction of facilities of municipal property; 
2) to monitor the activity of subordinated state enterprises which are under direction of Administration; 
3) Administration has also other rights according to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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