Agriculture Administration

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Нурбаев Ержан Ахтанович

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, , Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 38/40 Golovkov St.,

Phone: 8-7232-700-701

Web site:

Reception of citizens: On Tuesdays from 15.00 p.m. till 18.00 p.m.

Directions of activities 

1) Realization of basic directions of the agrarian policy and this basis on definition of prospects and tendencies of agriculture development;
2) Rendering assistance in market infrastructure formation and organizational structures of market type, carrying out of uniform financial-investment policy;
3) Organization of information-marketing supply, studying of market condition on regions and Republic, opportunities of export delivery of agricultural products and products of its processing;
4) Development of regional programs of development of branches of agrarian and industrial complex of the region, entering of offers on development of the project of the regional budget;
5) Realization of actions on re-structuring and financial improvement of farms, enterprises of food and process industries;
6) Assistance in development and perfection of inter-economic integration of enterprises food both process industries with farms and trading organizations-marketing;
7) Development of actions on complex use of agricultural resources, development of new kinds of industrial output, modernization of equipment, participation in realization of investment-innovative strategy;
8) Participation in modernization of agriculture, delivering of agricultural machinery and process equipment on leasing.


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