Languages Development Administration

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

PI “Languages Development Administration of East Kazakhstan region” is a state executive authority, performing the functions on the state administration and control for realization of the state language policy.

Holding the state language policy, and also a representative, according to the legislation to coordinate activity of the state agencies concerning languages development;
Providing realization and coordination in implementation of the Law "On Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan", the State and regional programs of functioning and development of languages;
Realizing actions in sphere of languages development, aimed at harmonization of interethnic relations, preservation of stability in the society, education of the Kazakhstan patriotism;
Organizing research works concerning the state policy in the sphere of languages, developing complex programs on exptention of spheres of functioning state and other national languages;
Promoting creation of condition for harmonious development of Russian, English and other languages of Kazakhstan's people.
Providing activity of the regional onomastic commissions, and also conducting the analysis onomastic fields of the region;
Cooperating with creative unions, national-cultural centers and other public institutions on observance of the legislation on languages, realization of the State program of functioning and development of languages.

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