Mobilization Preparation Administration

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Chikenov Eldos Nurlanovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070019, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 23 Permitin St.

Phone: 8-7232-28-00-56

Web site:

Reception of citizens: 1-st and 3-rd Thursday of a month from 15:00 p.m. till 17:00 p.m. (also receiving on corruption offenses)


Administration for Mobilization Preparation of East Kazakhstan region (further Administration) is a local organ which implements the uniform state policy in the area of mobilization preparation. Administration has the following main functions within the competence and powers in administrative-territorial borders of East Kazakhstan region:
1) providing implementation of activities for mobilization preparation and mobilization in the territory of region;
2) participating in holding of military-economic and command-and-staff training exercises (trainings) in the territory of region;
3) organizing the work on reservation of persons liable for military duty;
4) realizing a complex of activities to transfer of public authorities and organizations in the territory of region to functioning during mobilization, military situation and in wartime;
5) organizing and providing in the territory of region due notification and delivery of persons subject to call-up, delivery of equipment to training  stations or to military units, by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan granting for needs of defense the regional municipal property being in charge of Administration in the time of mobilization and military situation (subparagraph 5) of paragraph 1 of article 9 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from June 16, 1997 “On mobilization preparation and mobilization”);   
6) carrying out together with public authorities of activities for preparation of economy for implementation of mobilization plans;
7) preparing territorial defense of regional scale;
8) organizing activities to prevent and eliminate emergency situations of local scale;  
9) participating in investigation of accidents, disasters and accidents which have led to emergency situations of local scale;
10) providing execution of the local budget approved for prevention and elimination of emergency situations;
11) creating and using of local stocks of material, food, medical and other resources;
12) participating in activities of Civil Defense by organizations, located in the subordinated territory;
13) organizing and carrying out urgent works to provide evacuation activities;
14) other tasks, defined by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, decrees of the President, resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, resolutions of akimat of region, decisions and orders of akim of region.

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