Passenger Transport and Highways Administration

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Жумадилов Нуржан Сайлаубекович

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070019, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 59/1 Kazakhstan St.

Phone: 8-7232-70-23-54

Web site:

Reception of citizens: 1-st Wednesday of a month from 16-00 p.m. till 18.00 p.m.


Direction of activity:

  1. Function as the uniform customer of local executive agencies on services of passenger transport;
  2. Development of equal in rights competition between the carriers rendering services on transportation of passengers;
  3. Development and statement of technological documentation;
  4. Technological management and coordination of process of transportation of the passengers, carried out by transport of carriers, irrespective of patterns of ownership, in view of observance of balance of their interests and the population;
  5. Conclusion of contracts on transportation of passengers with carriers, road service stations and auto-stations of all patterns of ownership;
  6. Interaction with Administrations (departments) of other regions and states on development, opening (closing), functioning of interregional and interstate transportations of passengers;
  7. Development of projects of documents for creation of normative-legal base of functioning of transport complex;
  8. International and interregional cooperation in sphere of supervised branches;
  9. Development and realization of long-term programs, scientific and technical development, perspective forecasts of supervised branches;
  10. Gathering the information, analysis and forecast of social and economic conditions in supervised branches;
  11. Assistance in carrying out of competitions with the purpose of definition of contractors on construction and major overhaul of highways of local value, purchase of automobile road-building technics and equipment, control for maintenance of roads of local value;
  12. Control of development of design-budget documentation on construction, expansion, reconstruction, repair of motorways of local value and their realization on the territory of the region;
  13. Participation in development of offers and in distribution of the public funds directed to performance of objectives put before Administration.
  14. Consideration and coordination of the design-budget documentation of motorways of the local value which are subject construction, reconstruction and major overhaul;
  15. Control of implementation of duly major overhauls of highways of local value;
  16. Development, coordination and realization of regional target programs of social and economic development of transport and road facilities of the region;
    Participation in the decision of questions of financial and material provision of target programs of reconstruction and development of network of local roads, constructions;
  17. Realization of development of roads network of local value, organization of all kinds road-building and repair work at interaction with local agencies of the region;
  18. Participation in inspection of technical and operational condition of highways and constructions on them, rolling stock passengers carrier;
  19. Participation in advisory council at committee on regulation of monopolies and protection of competition on consideration tariff formation on transport;
  20. Coordination of technological documentation on international and long-distance transportations of passengers (scheme, schedule of movement);
  21. Control of observance of the established schedule of movement of buses, minibuses under the contract of organization regular intraregional long-distance, suburban and connecting settlements: settlements, auls (villages) with the rayon or regional centers, cities of republican value (capital) - automobile transportations of passengers and luggage;
  22. Preparation of offers on perfection of structure and control system of subordinated branches in view of practice of other regions and states;
  23. Rendering consulting services to enterprises and businessmen, and also services in the field of marketing, management and engineering;
  24. Development and realization of measures of organizational, economic and legal character promoting development of business and competition in the commodity market and services;
  25. Carrying out of investment policy;
  26. Realization of necessary measures at emergency situations.
  27. Administration can carry out and other functions which are following from objectives assigned to it and not contradicting the current legislation.

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