Physical Training and Sports Administration

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Рыпаков Денис Сергеевич

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070019, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 59/1 Kazakhstan st.

Phone: 8-7232-702276

Web site:

Reception of citizens: 4-th Tuesday of each month from 14-00 p.m. till 16-00 p.m.


Basic objectives of Administration are:

1) participation in formation and realization of the state policy in the field of physical training and sports;
2) development of physical training and sports in East Kazakhstan region, creation of a sports reserve and training of sportsmen of the republican and international level;
3) participation in creation and strengthening of material base of physical training and sports;
4) propaganda of a sports movement, and also within the competence, preparation of experts on physical training and sports, their professional improvement;
5) holding of competitions in different sport disciplines and complex competitions in Olympic, national and popular sport disciplines, games.  

 Administration implements the following functions:
1) realizing the state policy and target programs in the field of physical training and sports, developing and realizing regional current and target programs;
2) coordinating the activity of local state agencies, other organizations concerning physical training and sports development and also cooperating with akims of cities and districts of the region on issues being within powers of Administration;
3) licensing the kinds of activity according to the list approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
4) participating in the work on investments attraction in the field of physical training and sports, including for development of manufacture of sports production;
5) proving organizational and methodical assistance to the state sports organizations;
6) participating in coordination of questions of building of sports constructions, control over their technical condition and in agreement with safety requirements for holding of a training processes and competitions;  
7) coordinating the activity of the subordinated organizations concerning development of physical training and sports;
8) coordinating plans of sports actions, organized together with other state agencies and public organizations, developing the uniform planned schedules of sports actions, competitions;
9) keeping statistical records, receiving the statistical information from the sports organizations of the region

Administration has the right:

1) to control over holding the sports competitions, financed from the local budget;
2) to participate in development and realization of programs of preparation and retraining, professional improvement of the staff, to organize conferences, seminars, other forms of training and exchange of experience with experts on physical training and sports;
3) to solve questions of awarding sports ranks, rewarding medals, signs, diplomas, valuable prizes to winners and prize-winners of regional and other actions, workers of sports organizations, to appropriate categories to trainer-teaching staff, judges on sports;
4) together with the interested administrations, departments and public organizations to conduct the work on preparation of a sports reserve, to coordinate developing a network of sports clubs and schools, organization a training process there;
5) to participate in development and realization of programs of sports development, to make offers on disposition of funds of the local budget, allocated for target programs, to provide their target use;
6) to make requests in the state agencies, other organizations for information necessary for performance of functions;
7) to make offers on creation, reorganization and liquidation of organizations, subordinated to Administration;
8) to approve regional records in sports disciplines.

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