Economy and Budget Planning Administration

Office: Head of Administration

Улакова Сауле Тумашевна

Official duties

3.1. Providing the overall management of Administration, and also developing and performing the programs on improvement of activity of Administration, preparing proposals for improving its structure;

3.2. Managing the range of activities on implementation of the economic policy and also integral, effective system of the state planning and administration promoting achievement of qualitatively new level of competitiveness of the region and steady social and economic growth;

3.3. Coordinating the work on development of the draft of the forecast of social and economic development of East Kazakhstan region;

3.4. Approving the staff schedule of Administration within the approved limit of staffing level and structure;

3.5. Providing safe working conditions favorable to life and health, observance of the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On public service”;

3.6. Taking necessary measures against corruption and bearing personal responsibility for it;

3.7. Providing equal access of men and women to public service according to their experience, abilities and professional training;

3.8. Taking measures on provision the public institution with qualified personnel, rational use and development of professional knowledge and experience;

3.9. Conducting reception of physical and legal entities within the competence of Administration, participating in seminars and meetings;

3.10. Providing conclusion of the collective agreement with labour collective on the basis of the social partnership principle; 

3.11. Providing safety and efficiency of use of the state property;

3.12. Performing other powers according to the legislation. 

  Address: каб 331
  Reception: 71-32-00
  Fax: 57-85-55

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