Environmental Department on East Kazakhstan region of Committee for Environmental Management, Control and State Inspection in Oil-and-Gas Complex of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Kavrigin Dmitry Yuryevich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070003, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 12 Potanin St.,

Phone: 8-7232-76-76-82

Reception of citizens: on Wednesday from 14-00 p.m. till 17-00 p.m.

E-mail: Ukecolog1@energo.gov.kz

Primary goals of Department: 

-Improving environmental quality, providing ecological safety, conserving natural resources and achieving a favorable level of ecologically sustainable development company of the society;

- Providing public control over environment protection, ensuring the compliance with regulations of environmental requirements while implementing the economic activities within the competence;

- Within the competence, carrying out coordination for conducting the industrial environmental control by users of natural resources;

- Organization of collecting and disseminating of the ecological information and development of the awareness system in the area of the environment protection within the competence;

- Interacting and cooperating with public associations in the area of the environment protection, within the competence;

- Organization within the competence at a territorial level of carrying out the state ecological examination, issuing ecological licenses under the legally established procedure; 

Basic functions of Department: 

- Providing the implementation of the state policy within the competence;

- Carrying out regulative, realizational and control functions and participating in the implementation of strategic functions of the central agency within the competence;

- Carrying out the control over the activities of individuals and legal entities within the competence;

- Carrying out control functions over the activities of local agencies within the competence of Department;

- Carrying out the permit-issuing control within the competence;

- Participating in public hearings;  

- Carrying out the state ecological examination within the competence;

- Issuing environmental emission permits of facilities within the competence and setting limits on environmental emission;

- Coordinating the issue of licenses, permits, contracts in the area of natural resources utilization within the competence;

- Offering a proposal on carrying out of obligatory ecological audit;

- Organizing and improving the system of state regulation in the area of environment protection, the state ecological examination, license and environment-expert activities, standardization within the competence, as well as the system of economic methods and mechanisms of stimulation of rational natural management and environment protection;

- Providing, in accordance with established procedure of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the access to the ecological information within the competence; and etc.

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