Treasury Department on East Kazakhstan region

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Tolegenuly Mukhtar

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070019, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 87/2 Kazakhstan St.,

Phone: 8-7232-26-27-40

Web site:

Reception of citizens: every Thursday of a month from 16.00 p.m. till 17.00 p.m.


Virtual reception of Electronic Services Centre

Treasury Department on East Kazakhstan region is a territorial subdivision of Treasury Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carrying out the functions in sphere of the state budget execution, controls the republican and local budgets’ execution and carries out operations of official institutions on cash control accounts and accounts of official institutions.
In its activity the Department interacts with local executive and authorized organs on receipts in the state budget, their distribution on local levels of budgets, conducting accounts of local budgets, accounts of official agencies containing due to republican and local budgets, transfer operations and conducting their account

Key objectives of Department are:
Improvement of organization and control of execution of the republican budget and service of local budgets execution;
Control for operations on execution of financing plans of budgetary programs (subprograms);
Control for observance by local executive and authorized organs of principles of unity, completeness, realness, transparency, responsibility and independence of all levels of budgets based on interaction of budgets through redistribution of budgetary receipts and provided by uniform normative legal base;
Providing preliminary and current control in questions of service of execution of republican and local budgets;
Participation in development and perfection of book keeping and reporting in budgetary system and internal control for system of treasury organs;
Providing, organization and control for observance of requirements of normative legal acts in sphere of information safety.
Department in accordance with established procedure of the legislation carries out functions on republican budget execution and service of local budgets execution, service of accounts of official agencies, realization of payments and orders in national and foreign currency, formation of reporting on execution of republican and local budgets..


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