Ridder city

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Muratov Zhomart Khaidarovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 071300, Ridder city, 19 Semenova St.,

Phone: 8-72336-4-27-00

Web site: www.ridder.gov.kz

Reception of citizens: every Tuesday from 14.00 p.m.

E-mail: akimat@ridder.gov.kz

At the beginning of May, 1786 by the Decree of Ekaterina II 9 exploration groups were sent for deposits prospecting. One of which was headed by a mining officer Philipp Ridder. On the spots of old mine workings a rich deposit of silver, lead, jobbing stones was opened. Though, on this very spot a working settlement was formed later becoming a city.

Territory of Ridder region is 338722 ha. i.e.
- Ridder city is 7752 ha.
- Suburban rural district is 2308 ha.
- Ulbinsky settlement region is 2744 ha.
- Land area of forest fund is 406123 ha.
- The area of highly protected natural territory of Republic importance - Western Altay reserve - is 33871 ha.
- The length of border with Russia is 53,75 km.

Overall population numbers 61500 people
- city population numbers 58100 people
- rural population numbers 3400 people

Monuments of historic and cultural heritage
- republic (Monuments of Soviet Union Hero) - 1
- local - V. Mayakovsky, V. Lenin, Warriors' Grave died of wounds in the hospitals of Leninogorsk city - 3


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