Beskaragai district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Байбеков Шалкар Заманбекович

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070300, Ulken Naryn settlement, 144 Seifullin St.,

Phone: 8-722-36-9-14-00

Web site:

Reception of citizens: 1-st and 2-nd Tuesday from 14-00 p.m. till 18-00 p.m.


Beskaragai rayon - one of 19 territorial units of the East Kazakhstan region, it is located in northern part of the region. As an administrative unit it is formed in 1926 in structure of the Pavlodar region.
In present borders the rayon borders in the north on Mikhailovsk and Uglov rayons of Altay krai of the Russian Federation, border length - 89 km, in the West – Lebyazhin rayon of the Pavlodar region, in southwest on Kurchatov town and in southeast on Semey city of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The rayon till 1959 was a part of the Pavlodar region, till 1997 - in Semipalatinsk region and since 1997 it is in structure of the East Kazakhstan region.

The rayon is of agricultural direction, it specializes on manufacture of grain, olive and melon plantation cultures, dairy animal industry, manufacture of consumer goods, products of forestry enterprises.
Agricultural lands are fixed to 633 country farms formed on the basis of former 13 state farms and 1collective farm.
On the territory of the rayon there are 6 state institutions of State wood natural reserve «Semey ormany», with forest area - 390,8 thousand hectares, "Dorozhnik" Ltd, rayon electric mains, Kazakhtelecom, Kazpost, state diversified municipal enterprise.

From the history it is known, that to the beginning of ХVIII century the Russian state at Peter 1 strengthened economic and political links with the countries of the East. In 1714 the strengthening line consisting of fortresses, advanced posts and redoubts was created on the Irtysh river.
In 1718 Semipalatinsk fortress was founded on the Irtysh river. During the same time on territories of present Beskaragai rayn there were advanced posts: Semiyar, Dolon; redoubts - Grachev, Izvestkoviy, Cheryemukha zaboka and other strengthening posts along the Irtysh river.

Beskaragai rayon is Semipalatinsk PriIrtysh. It is located on former lands of Kazakhs-nomads of Average Zhuz from genuses argyn and uak.
Relief of the rayon is flat. Only in some places there are ridges in height of 6-10 meters.
From the northeast of the rayn to the east it runs Belagash height in absolute height of 200-351 m which is continuation of the Altay mountains and passing in Kulundin steppe.

In the West the Irtysh river crosses the rayon. For right bank of the Irtysh river it is typical the ridges divided by hollows. On sandy files of PriIrtysh there are tape pine forests. In the rayon there are five such basic files. «Beskaragai» rayon was named, owing to these five forest areas of unique relic tape pine forest.

The Territory of the rayon adjoins a zone of Semipalatinsk nuclear proving ground where from 1949 till 1990 it was conducted underground, air trials of nuclear weapon. According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 1992 year «On social protection of citizens suffered from nuclear trials on Semipalatinsk nuclear proving ground», four settlements are of extreme, other territory of the rayon – of maximal zone of lesion. 


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