Ayagoz district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Orazbayev Dyldabek Tazhybayevich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070200, Ayagoz town, 14 Abai Avenue

Phone: 7-2237-3-33-13

Web site: ayagos.vko.gov.kz

E-mail: info_rayagoz@akimvko.gov.kz


Ayagoz district was founded in 1928. Since 1937 Ayagoz town received the status of the district center. The total area makes up 49558,03 sq. km. Ayagoz district is located to the southward of the region. In the West the district borders the Karaganda region, in the South the Almaty region, in the North Abai, Zharma districts, in the East Urjar, Tarbagatai districts. The population of the district is 74,000 people, from them 50,7 % live in the town, 49,3 % live in rural districts. The Kazakhs make up 98,6 % of total population. In the district there is 1 village and 21 rural districts. Borders of the district are populated irregularly. The majority of the population are populated in the northeastern and eastern sides. And the South-Western rural districts are poorly populated.
In the district economy the most important are railway organizations, power, heat supply, agriculture, trading and municipal services.
The district center – Ayagoz town, is a large railway station and located on both sides of the railway. And also a highway of the Turkestan-Siberian railway passes through Ayagoz and the main automobile lines are crossed there. There are 2 locomotive, 2 carload depots, distances of a way, the signal system and communication. Organizations of municipal services, power supply and heat supply are of vital importance. Also there are highways which in the north connect Ayagoz town with the Russian Federation, with Semey and Ust-Kamenogorsk cities, in the East with Zaisan, in the West with the Karaganda region (Barshatas settlement), in the South with Taldykorgan, Almaty cities and the Peoples Republic of China.
As of April 1, 2016 the monthly average wages made up KZT93203 or increased by 8,6% in comparison with the last year. The highest level of wages is noted in organizations connected with services of transport and communication, and a low level in social and municipal spheres of service.
On results of the first quarter of 2016, production of the agriculture made up KZT2771,9 mln. That increased by 12,4% compared to the last year. 3430,8 tons of meat (in alive weight), 8899,0 tons of milk, 829,0 thousand eggs.
In all categories of farms of the district there are 75307 heads of large livestock, including 37100 heads of cows, 292761 heads of sheep and goats, 28144 heads of horses, 35647 birds.
As of April 1, 2016 the industrial enterprises of the district produced in established prices to the sum of KZT5613,7  mln, the index of actual volume by last year increased in 4,3 times.
In the first quarter of 2016 the district department of employment and social programs employed 201 persons. The registered unemployed make up 296 persons. The unemployment rate makes up 0,8 %.
For three months 2016, 160 criminal offences are registered in the district, that makes up 64,5% to the corresponding period of the last year. Crimes detection made up 94,6%.
During present time in the district there are 41 state comprehensive schools, 10 kindergartens and 1 school of arts. From them: 34 secondary schools, 1 high school, 6 elementary schools. In general there are 14100 pupils. All schools are equipped with computer technics.
Different medical-preventive institutions render medical aid to inhabitants of the district. There are 18 family-medical ambulance stations, 26 medical items, 2 rural hospitals, 1 tuberculosis dispensary, 1 stomatology, 1 town hospital, 1 district hospital.
Also in the district there are 46 cultural institutions, including 21 clubs, 23 libraries, 1 museum and 1 centre of culture. The material resources of centres of cultures have been improved.

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