Altai district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Tokseitov Nurzhan Tleuzhanovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070800, Altai town, 20 Sovetskaya St.,

Phone: 8-723-35-6-18-44

Web site:

Reception of citizens: 3-rd Monday of a month from 15.00 p.m.

In 1947 by the Decree of Elizabeth all demidovski mines and plants were considered to be her personal property. Zmeinogorski mine was one of the richest ones, but that very deposit was running out. As for Bukhtarminskaya valley it was lying unexplored.

In 1791 from Ust-Kamenogorskaya fortress usual bergaiyers brigade set out to the Bukhtarminski mine. Grigiry Grigoriyevich Ziryanov, a discoverer of Ziryanovski deposit, was among them.
There were a lot of deposit discoveries afterwards. In 1801 Mamontov, a former fugitive, discovered a lead deposit in 20 versts from Ziryanovski mine on the right bank of Khamir-Kumin river. Till now Maleyevsk settlement bears the name of ziryanovski surveyor Maleyev who opened a mine in 1810. In 1818 not far from Kondratyevo settlement Ivan Zavodin discovered one more deposit. That deposit is the only one on the territory of the former USSR that has silver and lead tellurium.

At the beginning of the XIX century Ziryanovski mine became a large silver ore mining center and was known in Russia as well as abroad.
The rayon is situated in the north-eastern part of East-Kazakhstan region, it borders in the north and north-west on the territory of Ridder city, in the north-east and east on the Russian Federation (Altayski krai), in the south-east on Katon-Karagayski rayon, in the south-west on Ulanski rayon, in the west on Glubokovski rayon. The territory of the region makes up 10 500 Climate is sharp continental, annual temperature 0.3C°, absolute maximum is +40C°, absolute minimum is -51C°.

The rayon numbers 86 600 people (01.01.2005). Average population density is 8,2 people per 1 As of January 1, 2004 Ziryanovsk city numbers 41 300 people or 47,7% of all population of the rayon.
Rayon centre is Ziryanovsk city. It was founded in 1791 and the present city with its borders in 1941 in accordance with the Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of Kazakh USSR. The rayon was founded in May 23, 1977. In August, 1988 in accordance with the Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of Kazakh USSR Ziryanovski rayon was joined to Ziryanovsk city. From 1997 Serebryanski rayon has belonged to Ziryanovski rayon.

There are 53 settlements in the rayon, including 14 rural districts and 2 cities, 4 settlements, 47 villages. Ethnic composition of the population consists of Kazakh - 15,2%, Russian - 80,0%, other nationalities - 4,8%.
Ziryanovski ore rayon is one of the basic and oldest mining rayons of Rudny Altai situated in south-eastern part of Ridder-Ziryanovsk subzone. There are more than 150 polymetallic, sulfur-polymetallic, cupper-sulfur deposits, ore and mineral sites in the rayon.
Besides ore deposits bearing lead, zinc, cupper, gold, silver and other precious components the rayon is rich in natural building materials - sandy gravel composition, mortar sand, brick loams.

Industry is the basis of the rayon economy. The presence of minerals determines the industries direction. Mining is the basic industry. The main plant of this industry is Ziryanovski mining complex "Kazzink" JSC situated in Ziryanovsk city. The large plant of Kazakhstan on cement production is "Bukhtarma cement company" (Oktyabrsky settlement).
Light industry is represented by the following plants: "Ziryanovsk clothes factory" Ltd., "Rassvet" Ltd., "Universal vector" Ltd. The products of these enterprises are uniform, clothes for women and children. "SZNP" CC produces roll-filter material, respiratory apparatus protectors for enterprises and population, plastic material in assortment.

The leading enterprises of light industry are: "Ziryan Nur" Ltd. on foodstuff production, "Zyryanovski kolbasy" Ltd., "Ziryanovski molkombinat" Ltd. ("Vostok-Moloko" founder) and farm "Belovodye" on milk processing; "Ziryan-Kaynar" Ltd. on bear and non-alcoholic drinks, "Vostok-Ton" Ltd. on bakery, flour, convenience foods production.
Trucking industry is represented by: in the area of passenger traffic "Ziryanovski PATP" Ltd., "Serebryanski PATP" CC, in the area of freight transport "Bukhtarminski APT" JSC, "Kraft" Ltd., "Kolor" Ltd. as well as "Experiment", private enterprises.

Electrical energy is generated on Bukhtarminski Hydro-electric complex "Kazzink" JSC, situated near Serebryanka settlement (more than 2,5 bln. kw. per hour in a year).
The producers of heat energy are: "Teplocentral" PE, "Serebryanskaya teplocentral" PE, "Bukhtarma teplotranzit" Ltd. The generation of heat energy makes up 642 200 Gkal in a year on the rayon.
Railway and automobile transportation is the basic one. Motor roads of public usage with hard surface spread over 387,5 km. Besides, motor road Ust-Kamenogorsk-Ziryanovsk 191 km. long pass through the rayon territory.
Bukhtarminski sluice, Bukhtarma wharf are on Bukhtarma reservoir.
Telephone communications are provided by Ziryanovski city telecommunication station "Kazakhtelekom" JSC.
The rayon is one of the producers of agricultural products of the region including grain crops with high yield in comparison with other regions. Climate allows growing various crops basically grain and oil crops.
The leading industry is plant growing. Cattle-breeding mainly develops in producers' co-operative and personal farms. For 2004 it is produced: meat - 3 500 tons; milk - 26 500 tons; eggs - 8,5 mln. items; wool - 17 300 tons. On harvesting territory of 44 300 ha. it is gathered: grain crops - 67 900 tons, sunflower - 12 300 tons.

Besides traditional species of cattle and bird "Maral-Service" Ltd. is occupied with maral-breeding in the rayon.
1702 subjects of small-scale business worked in 2004 in the rayon. 716 trade enterprises, 124 public catering enterprises, 118 enterprises on processing of agricultural products are in operation on the rayon territory.
Small- and medium-scale business and private entrepreneurs on processing of agricultural production, including 58 bakeries, 2 enterprises on dairy production, 2 on grain production, 5 - on meat processing, 14 on pelmeni production, 7 - on flour production, 3 - plants on macaroni production, 11 oil presses, 9 - on confectionery production, 2 - on nonalcoholic drinks, 4 - on fish production, 1 - brewing factory predominate in light and food industry.

The main source of building investment is the own funds of enterprises and residents funds. The overhaul of social area and roads is basically financed from rayon budget. The social area is enough developed in the rayon. There is the system of educational, public health, culture, sport, institutions financed from the local budget funds.
The system of public institutions of general education consists of 46 schools and 4 boarding schools with 12 700 children, 3 public specialized schools with 886 students, a private college with 151 students.

The system of treatment-and- preventive institutions consists of 13 out-patient and ambulatory organizations including 12 public, 7 rural ones. Besides, there are 9 hospitals (7 public ones and 1 rural), 6 medical attendant's and obstetrical stations and 31 obstetrical stations. There are 180 doctors in the rayon 124 from which work in the public institutions, 724 nurses (535 ones work in public institutions). On the rayon territory 12 culture houses and clubs, including 11 public ones, 24 public libraries from which 2 specialized ones for blind and deaf. There are 122 sport buildings, 3 juvenile clubs, 3 child and youthful sport schools. "Gornyak" culture house built in Ziryanovsk city in the 50th relates to the architectural monuments.

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