Zharma district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Sydykov Nurlan Battashovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070600, Kalbatau settlement, 105 Dostyk St.,

Phone: 8-723-47-6-52-22

Web site: garma.vko.gov.kz

Zharminski rayon makes up 22 political subdivisions, 83 settlements 4 of which are large they are Georgievka settlement, Shar town, Auezov and Zhangiz-Tobe villages.
The nature is rich and picturesque. There are a great number of rivers and lakes, green hills, ravines. The rayon is rich in minerals such as gold, precious and jobbing stone, ferrous marble, limestone.

The railway of public importance, motorways Almaty-Ridder and Omsk-Maykapchagay cross the territory of the rayon.
At all times Zharminski land connected by caravan roads the south and the north. Zharminski places are of great interest for travelers and geographers who noticed the peculiarity of rayon nature, its farms and way of life of the local inhabitants. Tchokan Valikhanov, P. Semyenov-Nyan-Shanski, G. Potanin, V. Obruchov, A. Yanushkevich and many other well-known scientists and researchers attended those places.

Historic and cultural heritage of the rayon is represented by 89 monuments, including 54 archeological, 7 historic and 28 cultural ones. All of them are under public defence. Documents and objects of history and culture of the krai are gathered in rayon historical and local lore museum and in 10 school museums.
Zharminski people are proud of the land’s rich historical past. There the batyrs Espenbek and Boranbai bi, Konakai and Narbota, Karakozha and Zhanibek, Zhalanash and Bekzhan, Aktamberdy, Itkara, Barak and many others defended the homeland against zhungars.
Zharma is also the krai of akyns, singers of steppes and mountains. 17 akyns represent the kin of Baygar Syban patriarch at the head with Aktaylak biy. The XIX and XX centuries are known by such akyns as Arip Tanirbergenov, Sapargali Alimbetov, Kalikhan Altynbayev, Toleu Kobdykov, Kenesbek Kaliyev, Damesh Omarbayev. The people don’t forget their compatriots, outstanding public figures, enlighteners, the sacrifices of Stalin repressions: Azimbay Lekerov, Idris Mustanbayev, Turlykhan Khasenov.

That small part of land in the very centre of Eurasia gives birth to many gifted people! How not to be proud of such compatriots as well-known writer and public figure Adi Sharipov, named the “Outstanding person of the world” by Kembridge International autobiographical centre; or a national writer of Kazakhstan, laureate of State Prize after Abai Azilkhan Nurshaitov. There a lot of talented women in Zharminski rayon as well.
Zharminski rayon is named as the krai of golden places and melodious akyns where cattlemen, farmers, constructors and miners labour.
A well-known the names of a national writer of Kazakhstan, poetess, Tursynkhan Abdrakhmanova, the first woman-conductor of republic choir Gulzhazira Akhmetova, the first Doctor of Biology from Kazakh women academician Nayla Bazanova. Having heard the crystal voice of Roza Rymbayeva the whole country stand motionless listening to Her song “Aliya”! And nobody thought that a simple boy from Shar town would become the world-known producer.
In the hardest and sever years zharmins continued to defend the Fatherland, 9 of which got the highest rank of Heroes of the Soviet Union: K. Iskakov, I.I. Varepe, I.M. Landyshev, G.D. Budnikov, P.G. Karelin, N.E. Lutu, P.I. Teryaev, K. Shakenov, V.A. Shulyatikov. The absolute knights of Glory were F. Adilbayev and N.I. Kiselyev.
Many zharmins got high awards of the fatherland for perfect activity in various areas of national economy. The Hero of socialistic labour became Balgabek Suleymenov, honored teachers of Kazakh USR – Kabylkhan Sutbayev and Fyedor Vasilyevich Budnik; honored railway workers – Askar Temirkhanov and Sagyndyk Karakhanov. Manap Karipzhanov and Akhmetkhan Botakhanov; laureate of the state premium of Kazakh USR Kyzyrkhan Agimbayev; honored workers of agriculture – Zhumagazy Keldenov, Erezhep Zhurtbayev. In the supreme legislative agency worked fruitfully the deputies of Supreme Soviet USSR Kami Uvaliyeva and Zagipa Agaysenov.

There are also a lot of well-known sportsmen. Kabden Baydosov is a famous honored trainer of USSR, the first master sports in Kazakhstan in free-style wrestling; Daulet Turlykhanov is a septuple champion of USSR, European, Asian and world champion, prize-winner of Olympic games, head of the Sport Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Two newspapers are published in the rayon: “Rauan Wostok”, “Shar tynysy – Sharski westnik”. There are some public organizations such as rayon branch of Republican political party “Otan”, rayon Council of war and labour veterans, youth movement “Keleshek-Future” (Shalabai village), rayon Council of Afghanistan veterans.
Four religious confessions are registrated and in operation such as Muslim Mosque, Roman Catholic Church, Gospel Lutheran Church, charitable mission “Rakhim-Grace”.    



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