Urjar district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Zajnuldin Serik Zinabekovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 071700, Urjar settlement, 122 Abylaikhan St.,

Phone: 8-72230-3-48-48

Web site: www.urzhar.vko.gov.kz

Reception of citizens: in Urjar settlement - I, III Thursday of a month, from 10.00 a.m. till 13.00 p.m., in Makanchi settlement - II Thursday of a month, from 10.00 a.m. till 13.00 p.m., in Taskesken settlement - IV Thursday of a month, from 10.00 a.m. till 13.00 p.m.

E-mail: kense-urzhar@akimvko.gov.kz

Urjar district is located in the south-eastern part of East-Kazakhstan region. It is formed in 1928. The Administrative centre is Urjar settlement. Urjar settlement is situated at the foot of southern part of Tarbagatai range, in 512km. from Semipalatinsk. The nearest railway station is Ayagos is in 175 km from the Administrative centre.
In the mid. 50th of IXX century it was founded as a Cossack settlement; in 1867-79 trade delegates of China. Caravan ways passed through Urjar in the direction of Tashkent and Semipalatinsk cities, in 1905-15 there was migrant administration. The residents of Urjar rayon participated in Soviet vlast establishment: the first rayon committee of Communist party was created in February 1, 1922; the first volost congress of Soviets tkk place 06.10.1922.

Urjar district is one of the largest ones in Eastern Kazakhstan. The residents remember the hard times of the rayon, the place where the Great Silk Route passed through. From the early childhood the children were saddled, the biys and bais took wisdom decisions, akyns sang songs…

The history holds sacred the memory of a soldier, military leader Kabanbai who was born in Zharbulak village. Even now the grateful Kazakhs call Him as “Daraboz”, "Khan Batyry". The land at the foot of Tarbagatai mountains saw the cold and famine, the war and violence.
Urjarski krai represents itself the bright natural contrasts: a vast open space of dry steppes spreading to the full extent and right there a mighty, back in the sky closing the horizon from the south the Tarbagatai range.

The winter, as well as everywhere, begins in mountains and early snows at first cover the back of the ridge. The spring first and foremost comes on the plains, and the tops till the height of the summer breathe with snows. And people there the same with daring and habits from mountains, from steppes.
Urjar stanitsa was founded in 1854. The first roots grew there the residents of Siberian then Semerecheski Cossack armies. In the same years the peasants of Western Siberia were allowed to move there.
Nowadays the rayon is one of the largest rayons in the region. The census of 1999 summed up the population of the rayon as 95350 people. Now the revival of economy basically due to agriculture is observed in the rayon. Processing of agricultural products has been arranged so that there is a wide variety of food stuffs of local producers on counters. Trade and consumer services as well as business extend. Up-dating enterprises as “Yubileiny" Ltd. of T. Karashev, “Keldymurat” Ltd. of K. Kasenov, “Urjar-Astyk”JSC of N. Kovalenko promote the further development of the rayon. The head of “Atameken” firm - A. Sadykov, the head of “Bakei” farm - T. Zhirentayev received high government rewards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The district authorities care about the health and education of the residents. A great amount of means are allocated on purchase of up-dating medical equipment, computer classes. And as result school graduates of the rayon successfully enter the leading institutes of higher education of Kazakhstan and Russia. And it is Urjar’s future, the future of the whole country.

Due to the growth of the rayon economy the culture and sports promptly develop. There are such popular ensembles of song and dance as “Sonar”, “Selskiye zori”, “Konil-Tolkyny”. The Museum named after A. Naimanbayev located in Makanchi settlement is the pride of the rayon. Annually the competitions of young talents are conducted in the rayon, such as festivals “Zhaukazyn”, “Tarbagatay 2000” with 7 000 of participants.

There is also should be said a lot about the sports. At various times the world champions, the Europe, Soviet Union and Kazakhstan were the sportsmen D. Turlykhanov, N. Jakovleva, V. Maifat, B. Konyratov, G. Panina, B. Bitebayeva, V. Каmsulyeva, a deserved trainer of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Dyusenova.
The Olympic school of the rayon has grown up a lot of outstanding sportsmen who became champions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winners of the international tournaments, the Asian and Olympic games. Among them are D. Turlykhanov, O. Yatskaya, A. Imanbayev, D. Bayakhmetov, A. Nazarov, A. Shira, E. Slyamov and other. Their gold and silver medals have brought a world glory to the Republic.

Urjar is the fatherland of the Hero of Soviet Union – V. Kolesnikov, 18 Heroes of Socialist Work. Among them are S. Zhaksybekov, N. Morozov, A. Voronkov, R. Toleubekov, V. Starushkin, A. Semushkina, K. Sayakupov, S. Zhaksybekov, S. Talmurzin, G. Rakhimov.
Urjar’s land has grown a great number of people who have become the heads of rayons, cities, regions of Kazakhstan, delegated the best representatives to the Parliament of the Republic, has brought up significant physicians, teachers, scientists, poets, writers, outstanding public figures.
With sincere respect and pride the residents of the rayon recall the names of an academician L. Sadykov; a rector of National technical university, member-correspondent of the Academy of sciences of the Republic Kazakhstan M. Smailov; a member-correspondent of the Academy of sciences of Republic Kazakhstan, doctor of medical sciences S. Baizhanov; a general-lieutenant I. Artyemov; a largest writer of the present K. Zhumadilov, His colleague A. Saduakasuly; a composer S. Turysbekov, Daukenova.

The krai is severe and beautiful. The rayon has unique nature.

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