Ulan district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Saktaganov Nurymbet Amanovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 071600, Kasym Kaisenov settlement, 5 Abai Square

Phone: 8-72338-27-368

Web site: ulan.vko.gov.kz

Reception of citizens: 1-st Wednesday of a month from 10.00 a.m. till 13.00 p.m.

E-mail: kense_ulan@akimvko.gov.kz

Ulan district was founded in 1928. The district is situated in the north-western part of East-Kazakhstan region.

The territory of the district is situated in the foothill part of Kalbinski mountains, the mountain relief is typical for all the district territory that depending on absolute heights can be divided into two parts: middle mountains and low mountains. The territory occupied with middle mountains and low mountains is basically presented by pastures.

The foothill steppe zone is characterized by moderated damp and warm, in the southern part by moderately hot climate. The average temperature of the coldest month (January) makes up -14-18 degrees, of the warmest one (July) is +20+21 degrees.
In spite of being related to three climatic zones the district is situated in dry-steppe natural-economic zone.
The territory of the district makes up 9610 sq. km.

Administrative centre of the district is Molodyezhni settlement (Youth) located in 10 kilometers from the regional center, the distance up to the nearest railway station is 15 kilometers.

The population numbers 42 700 people living in 49 settlements located in 14 rural districts and 4 settlements.
Parameters of social and demographic development have developed as follows, birth rate in the district is 400 persons, death rate is 451 ones, balance of migration is 312 ones. For the last several years the outflow of the population has considerably decreased, it is observed the population arrival from other regions of the oblast.
It should be pointed out the agricultural sector in economy of the district. In the district 805 farms and 7 firms of different property produce agricultural products. 398 300 ha. of land is under agricultural products. The main producers of agricultural products are farms that make up 85% of gross agricultural production.

The volume of gross agricultural production of the district made up 5 219 274 000 KZT, of cattle breeding 3 945 718 000 KZT, of plant growing 1 273 556 000 KZT.
The growth of gross output volume by 2003 made up 3,8%. Average harvest of grain in 2004 made up 9.9 centners from ha. over the district. As of January 1, 2005 there were 50 300 heads of cattle, 12 000 of pigs, 61 800 of sheep and goats, 7 600 of horses, 1088 300 of poultry, 13 of camels, 60 of marals, 6 of ostrich.
As of January 1, 2005 it is processed of agricultural production on the sum of 2682457 500 KZT, including in large-scale enterprises - 2635860 500 KZT, in miniprocessing plants - 46597 000 KZT. There are 34 enterprises of processing industry and miniplants in operation.

There are two large industrial enterprises "Ust-Kamenogorskaya poultry factory" JSC and "Ognyevka" Ltd. on the territory of the district.
The production volume of industrial output in comparison with 2003 increased in 108,3%.
The basic products of "Ust-Kamenogorskaya poultry factory" JSC are broiler meat, semi-prepared foods of chicken meat, canned goods, smoked food, sausage products. The poultry factory produces 61,5% of meat of overall gross production in the district. 1137 people work at the factory.
"Ognyevka" Ltd. At present there is the reconstruction on the mine. 350 people work on the mine. The reconstruction of tailing storage №2 has been finished in Ognyevka settlement.

In 2004 there were 190 retail trade organizations. The volume of commodity circulation made up 765,2 mln. KZT at these enterprises with 770 of workers.
On the district territory 22 settlements from 49 ones have transportation services with the regional center. Transportation of passengers and luggage is carried out by motor transport.

There are 537 roads of local importance, including 24 km with asphalt cover, 300 km. - ballast layer, 204 - gravel, 9 - lining.
In accordance with Regional program "Potable water on 2003-2010" the overhaul of water supply systems in Saratovka settlement with using 16 799 600 KZT.
For implementation of this program i.e. to supply the population with potable water a new hole was drilled in Besterek settlement on the funds from district budget as well as the maintenance works were conducted on plumbing in Tavricheskoe settlement. In Bozanbai, Kamenka, Ognyevka settlements as well as in Tavricheskoe, Ulanskoe, Zhanuzak, Molodyezhny settlements the work was organized on construction of street lighting on the funds from the district budget.
Trunk and international communication is supplied by "Kazakhtelecom" JSC. There are 7 automatic coordinate exchanges on 2000 numbers, 1 electronic automatic exchange on 2000 ones, 19 automatic coordinate exchanges on 200 ones, 29 public call offices in the district. In 2004 there were 5231 telephone numbers on the whole.

There are 38 schools with 6576 children, 1 infant school, 1 DUSSH, 1 DMSH, agricultural college and lycee in the district.

There are 6 medical attendant and obstetric stations, 18 medical attendant stations, 3 public hospitals and in 8 settlements the population is served by medical personnel at home. There were 198 medical workers in 2004.

Address: Molodezhny settlement, Ulan district, East Kazakhstan region


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