Tarbagatai district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Sadvakassov Serikkazy Khussainovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 071500, Aksuat settlement, 1 Tolegetai baba St.,

Phone: 8723-46-2-11-00

Web site: tarbagatay.vko.gov.kz

Reception of citizens: every Monday from 14-00 p.m. till 18-00 p.m.

E-mail: b.bekbaeva@akimvko.gov.kz

Tarbagatai district was founded in 1928. The rayon is situated in the south-eastern part of East-Kazakhstan region between Tarbagatayski mountain range and Zaysan cavity. The territory of the rayon makes up 23 800 sq.km. spreading on 500 km. from the north to the south.

It borders on Zaisan district in the east, on Urjar and Ayagoz districts in the west, on Kokpekty and Zharma districts  in the north. The border on Chinese People's Republic in the south makes up 500km.

Climate is sharp continental characterizing by big fluctuations of daily and annual air temperatures, dryness, insignificant quantity of precipitation and by abundance of solar heat.

There are two species of vegetation on the territory: mountain and low-lying. Mountain vegetation is caulescent motley grass-grain, low-lying vegetation is dry-absinth.

The main water-ways are the Kandysu, Teris-Airyk, Bogas rivers. The large rivers are Bazar, Kargyby, Tebiske, Lasty. The basic ponds are mountain related to the Zaysan water system.

On the district territory minerals deposits are developed as coal and bentonite of high quality.

The administrative centre of the rayon is Aksuat settlement. The large settlements are Akzhar and Tugyl. On the whole there are 65 settlements in the rayon including 17 rural districts. The distance from Aksuat settlement up to the oblast centre is 350km, up to Ayaguz, Zhangiztobe railway stations is 220-350km., up to Tugyl wharf is 270km.

The basic type of transport is automobile.

The district numbers 41 700 people, including 21514 - women; 12478 - children (till 5years); 16339 - from 6 till 18 years; 10439  - from 18 till 57 years; pensioners - 3495.

The ethnic composition of the population consists of Kazakhs - 99,0%, other nationalities - 1,0%.

On the whole there are 2113 enterprises, on organizational-legal form: LTD - 65; individual businessmen - 530; farms - 1393. On sectoral structure: industrial - 12, agroindustrial - 1409, processing - 2, trade - 525.

Monuments of history and architecture:

Balbal Turkic kaganat, Kindukty statue, Kalbinski ridge VII-VIII B.C.
Syntas, Kindikty statue VII-VIII B.C.
Tanbaly tas, the picture on the Ornektau stone and at the bank of the Espe river B.C.
Tana Myrza mazary, a gravestone monument in Tana Myrza settlement ХIХ century
Koybagar batyr mazary a gravestone monument ХIХ century in Oyshilik settlement

Sasan bi mazary a gravestone monument in Oyshilik settlement ХIХ century
Kozhageldy batyr mazary a gravestone monument ХIХ century in Kozhageldy settlement
Yrgyzbai auliye mazary a gravestone monument in Ernazar settlement XX century
Uan tore mazary ХIХ century a gravestone monument in Uan settlement
Shaki bi ХIХ century the Tomb in Kyzyl kesik settlement.




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