Shemonaikha district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Акулов Григорий Иосифович

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 071800, Shemonaikha town, 59 Sovetskaya St.,

Phone: 8-723-32-3-23-00

Web site:

Reception of citizens: first Monday of a month from 10-00 a.m


Shemonaikha district was formed in 1928, located in the northern part of East Kazakhstan region. It borders on Glubokoe and Borodulikha districts and the Altai Territory of the Russian Federation. The territory of the rayon makes up 4 000 square kilometers.

The district numbers fifty one thousand seven hundred people; the population density is about 13 per 1
The Administrative centre is Shemonaikha town with the population more than seventeen thousand people.
Rural districts are presented the following way: one town, two settlements, 37 villages. There are 11 political units, including 8 rural districts, 2 settlement and 1 town districts.
The ethnic composition of the rayon consists of: Kazakhs - 9,6 %, Russians - 82,8 %, other nationalities - 7,6 %.
The district has mineral reserves viz. complex ores with the content of copper, zinc, gold, lead.
The key economic branches of the rayon are agriculture and mining ones. The total volume of industrial output made up 4 billion 815 million KZT. in 2004.
The basic industrial enterprise of the rayon is the Cupper-chemical complex.
Besides, other industries are developed enough in the rayon.

The processing industry is presented by the enterprises on production of bakery, dairy and meat products. There are 24 bakeries, macaroni shop, 3 factories on ravioli production, 3 confectionery factories, 46 mills and two shellers of industrial production as well as two plants of dairy production producing fifteen descriptions of products, three slaughtering factories, two sausage plants producing more than 20 kinds of products. In should be pointed out that five of these processing enterprises were opened during last two years.

Two enterprises of the rayon such as the Irtysh rare-earth company and the Kazniobiy IHMZ are engaged in production of rare-metal and rare earth products. The production of equipments for agricultural machinery, proflists and metal tiles is developed at Pervomayski mechanical factory. The rayon agro-industrial complex consists of four hundred seventy four agricultural units, including four hundred sixteen farms, 42 limited companies, 2 industrial cooperative societies, 14 special partnerships.

Over the last year more than 45 thousand tons of milk, 7 thousand tons of meat that makes up respectively 102 and 103 % in comparison with the previous period were produced in the rayon.
The gross grain cropping made up 131 thousand tons, at average productivity of 15,9 c/hectares. The sunflower was gathered from the area of 28 thousand hectares, total harvest was 31 thousand tons with average productivity 12,8 c/hectares. For the last year relative density in the regional volumes on grain and sunflower production made up more than twenty percent. Over the last year the production commodity output of agriculture made up five billions two hundred twenty five millions KZT.

Motor transport is the basic type of transports in the rayon. The basic branch lines pass through the rayon, such as: Zashita-Lokot, Semipalatinsk - Almaty.
There are long-distance, international and cellular telecommunications in the rayon.
The sphere of education of the rayon is presented by thirty five comprehensive schools, two colleges, and professional school.
There are 36 treatment-and-prophylactic establishments in the rayon, including 3 hospitals, 2 family ambulance stations, 8 rural medical ambulance stations, 18 medical attendant and obstetric units, 5 dental surgeries.
There are the following culture institutions as: 1 history and local lore museum, 1 culture house, 15 clubs, 19 libraries, 2 stadiums, 3 sports complexes in the rayon. The rayon Friendship House works to provide with more profound studying and the further development of culture and traditions of the people of different nationalities living in our rayon.


Popov Alexander Gavrilovich - artist.
He was born in 1926 in Vydrikha settlement of Shemonaikhinski rayon. In 1935 with his family moved to Almaty. In 1946 - 1951 studied at art school after Gogol. He was the artist-performer and the teacher of drawing and plotting by profession.
In 1951 worked as the art and plotting teacher at the compulsory school №1 in Shemonaikha town where had been working for 24 years.
10 years headed the children's fine art studio. Popov Frequently participated in the rayon, regional and republican exhibitions.
A.G. Popov's last personal exhibition took place in 2001 in the East Kazakhstan regional arts museum.

Moroz Boris Filippovich - artist.
He was born in 1944 in Peschanka village. A graduate of the All-Union Public University of arts after Krupskaya in Moscow city, picture and painting faculty. In 1969 he became a member of the Union of artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He is a participant of regional, republican and one international exhibition shown in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria. More than 30 years headed the children's studio of fine arts "Lastochka". A pedagogue of a branch of East-Humanitarian College. In 2005 was a winner of Eastern Kazakhstan Akim Prize for contribution to culture in nomination "Painting".

Golinenko Valentine Grigoryevich - poet.
He was born in 1954 in Kara-Bolty town in Kirghizia. In 1962 has moved with his family to Pervomayka village of Shemonaikhinski rayon. In army he was enrolled in the ranks of the Soviet Forces serving in Potsdam. In 1975 - 1977 studied at Tomsk polytechnic institute. In 1986 graduated from literary institute after M. Gorky "Literary worker" by profession.
A delegate of the 8th and 9th all-union meetings of young writers. His verses were published in rayon, regional, republican, all-union editions ("Prostor", "Siberian ogni ", "Lenin's smena", "October", "Istoki", "Molodaya gvardiya", "Student's meridian").
At present lives in Pervomayka village.

Ivanov Anatoly Stepanovich (1928 - 1999) - writer.
He was born in Shemonaikha town in the family of peasant. In 1950 has graduated from Kazakh State University, a journalist by profession, worked in the newspaper "Priirtyshskaya Pravda", deputy editor of the magazine "Siberian ogni". From 1972 worked as an editor of the magazine "Molodaya gvardiya". The work "Alka's songs" brought fame to Him as a writer, later the novels "Eternal call", "Shadows disappear at midday", "Empire". A. Ivanov was awarded a Hero of socialist work, USSR State Prize for the script to the film "Eternal call".

Grebenshchikov George Dmitriyevich (1882 - 1964) - writer.
An outstanding public figure, doctor of philosophy of the Oxford University of the USA. He was born in Nikolayevski rudnik village (now Shemonaikhinski rayon). In the beginning of XX century considered to be one of the best fiction writers of Russia. He was on friendly terms with V. Shishkin, M. Gorky, I. Bunin, N. Rerikh. In 1920 emigrated to America where lived till the end of his life. In 1933 was put forward on the Nobel Prize, but refused it in favour of I. Bunin. His works: "Churayevs", "Courier", "Letters from Pomperaga", "My Siberia", "Egorka's life" and etc.

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