Kurchum district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Қажанов Дулат Зайсанбекұлы

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 071200, Kurchum settlement, 23 Ibezhanov St.,

Phone: 8-72339-2-18-00

Web site: kurchum.vko.gov.kz

Reception of citizens: Weekly on Wednesday from 9.00 a.m. till 12.00 a.m.

E-mail: akimatkurchum@akimvko.gov.kz

Kurchumski rayon was founded in 1927. From 1997 the rayon has united the former separate rayons as Markakolski and Kurchumski rayons. Administrative centre is Kurchum settlement situated 220 km. far from regional centre. As of January 1, 2005 Kurchum settlement numbers 11 600 people or 29,8% of the whole population of the rayon. The territory of the rayon makes up 23 200 sq.km. The administrative and territorial structure of the rayon consists of 12 rural districts or61 settlements. There are 40 200 people in the rayon, population density is 1,7 individuals per square kilometer. The rayon border on Kokpektinski, Kato-Karagai rayons of East-Kazakhstan region and Chinese People's republic. Climate is sharp continental. In winter it is as cold as -50C° and in summer as hot as +50C°.

The nature is contrasting. The lain parched by the sun occupies the one side of the rayon and the other one is represented by the mountains, virgin taiga with bears, elks, marals and sable, with snowy tops where eagles flying and ounces hunting for Siberian goats, icy rivers full of grayling.

There is the wildlife area in the Markakol cavity with the Markakol lake in the centre surrounded by the mountains of Kurchum mountain range and Azutau mountain range. The Markakol lake is the largest mountainous one in the Republic. The Lake is unbelievably beautiful and clear.

The rayon is rich in resources and large tracts of agricultural lands made up 1 588 600 ha., including 29 400 ha in tillage. The next part of the rayon is occupies with hayfields and pastures. Basically the whole population is busy with production and processing of agricultural products. There is no large forestland so that people use the larch to harvest of high quality. "Kurchum-ormany" Ltd. and "Markakol-ormany" Ltd. the large one to harvest.
The Kurchum mountain range, the basin of Kurchum river and its channels are very picturesque and have complex ores deposits. From the middle of XX centure the gold has been mine on "Kurchum" and "Cherdoyak" mines. Till now there is virgin deposits of silver, lead molybdenum, tin and other metals.
"Artel starateley Altai" JSC last year mined the gold in sum 75,2 bln.KZT that is 32,3% of overall volume output in the rayon.

Tow branches of "Shygysenergotrade" Ltd. supply the rayon with the energy. 4767 telephone subscribers are registered in the rayon.
Since 1998 the slump in agriculture products output has been suspended. Sown areas increase. Natural conditions enable to grow up a fine crop of melons and gourds as well as vegetables. Having seen the perspective in development of this very area the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development allocated 11 bln. dollars for construction of irrigation system in Saryolenski rural district. In 2003 the project was realized. Feather-grass steppes and subalpine meadows, mountain reserves enable constantly to increase in heads of different kinds of cattle and breed fat-tail sheep. The production of meat, milk, wool has increased. In comparison with 2003 the increase in heads of cattle, sheep and goat makes up 0,1%, horses - 2,6%, chicken - 6%. For 2004 it is produced 12833,4 tons of meat in live weight, 53961,5 tons of milk, 4935 thousand of eggs and 281 tons of wool. Annually the only fish industry in the region let out more than 10 bln. of carp-sazan fry in Bukhtarma reservoir.

Medium- and small-scale business is developing, farming as well as the system of production and processing enterprises are growing. That allows to satisfy substantially the need of rayon in flour, macaroni, vegetable oil, fresh and smoked fish, mixed fodders. Trucking industry develops due to subjects of small- and medium-scale business.

As of April 1, 2005 in the rayon 1614 subjects of small- and medium-scale business are registered, including 858 farms and 756 private enterprises. There are 246 trade objects, 17 public caterings, 4 markets, 18 gas stations and 53 mineral processing plants in the rayon. Subjects of small-scale business completely satisfy the population demand on manufactured goods and provisions.

There are 55 schools of general education with 8075 children. The program on provision of all rayon schools with computer classes is successfully implemented. 22 schools have access to Internet. Graduates successfully passed the Uniform National Testing conducting for the first time in the Republic.
There are 2 hospitals, 11 family-medical ambulance stations, 34 medical attendant points and 5 medical attendant and obstetric points in the rayon. There are 2 culture houses, 5 club establishments, 8 libraries and a historic and local lore museum, 2 sports stadiums and 18 sports halls.

The residents of Kurchum city are proud of not only its rich lands and beauty landscapes, but also of those who did a lot for prosperity of the native rayon. Among them are Zh. Maldybayev - the first pilot Kazakh, T.Nurahmetov - a present deputy of Majilis of the Parliament, S.Kydyrkhanov - a winner of the international tournaments, the master of sports, a deserved trainer, K. Nurgaliyev - a talented teacher, national teacher.


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