Kokpekty district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Smailov Askhat Saidakhmetovich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 071000, Kokpekty settlement, 44а Sh.Fakhrutdinov St.,

Phone: 8-723-48 -2-11-01

Web site: kokpekti.vko.gov.kz

Reception of citizens: in Kokpekty settlement: 1-st Monday of a month from 15.00 p.m. till 18.00 p.m., in Samar settlement: 1-st Wednesday of a month from 15.00 p.m. till 18.00 p.m.

Social and economic development of the rayon

About the rayon
In the 18th century tsar's army generals Kolpakovsky and Kaznakov went upstream the Irtysh river. Following the army the military fortresses Bolshaya-Bukon, Kaznakovka, Samarka, Baty, Akzhar were appeared. They were built by the tsar Decree as well as in 1780 Kokterek fortress now Kokpekty. All those fortresses were known as the lined Cossacks.

Earlier the thick poplar and hawthorn groves grew on the left bank of the Kokpektinka river. Hence the name of Kokterek fortress came from, that means "the green poplar". Years went by, that groove was constantly cut by the residents down and used as a building material. The fortress was situated in the east of the present market-place. There was a ditch around the fortress, the tracks of which are seen till now.

In March 12, 1898 the Kokterek settlement was suffered from heavy flood, a lot of houses were damaged. After that natural disaster the Cossacks allowed the residents to settle on the right bank of the river. From that time on the military town was renamed in Kokpekty settlement.

The revolution of 1905 shook the tsar's principles. In 1909 Stolypin was in Omsk and Kereku now Pavlodar looked over the immense Kulyndinski steppes and on the arrival to Petersburg declared the reform concerning peasants' resettlement in remote Kazakh steppes. So the following settlements were appeared: Ivanovka, Romanovka, Prokhladnoe, Olegovka, Vozdvizhenka, Preobrazhenka.

In 1929 the territory of the present rayons was united with formation of Samarski rayon with the centre in Bolshaya-Bukon settlement, and in 1930 it was divided into two rayons: Samarski (Samarka settlement) and Kokpektinski (Kokpekty settlement). In 1933 one more rayon Aksuatski was appeared from Kokpektinski.

On 22 of June, 1941 the World War II was started. Among those who doughtily defended the Fatherland were our compatriots, the Heroes of Soviet Union: Koigeldy Aukhadiyev, Nikolai Avdeyev, Lavrenty Konstantinov, the participant of the World War II - Gali Nurzhanov, Tleubai Aubakirov, Konstantin Kalachikov, Sultanbek Urespayev.

The Kazakh virgin soil was 50 years. The silent steppe valley was alive. The virgin soil was ploughed in our rayon as well. The Kuraily valley was full of voices and tractors' and machines' noises. The new virgin sovkhoz "Uzunbulakski" was formed. In 1966 and 1972 years the rayon gathered more than 98 000 and 183 000 tons of grain crops respectively. There were a lot of youth to plough Kazakhstan's virgin and long-fallow lands. Among many workers came from sunny Moldavia was a young mechanic Anatoly Bulgak awarded the diploma of Supreme Council of Kazakh USR and become a Hero of Socialistic labour in 1967.

In 1997 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kokpektinski and Samarski rayons were united with formation of Kokpektinski rayon (the centre is Kokpekty settlement).

The territory of the rayon makes up 14 600 sq.m. The rayon numbers 39 630 people.
There are 18 rural districts in the rayon and 66 settlements. The Ethnic composition consists of Kazakhs - 74%, Russians - 20,7%, other nationalities - 5,3%. Natural and climate conditions are various. The mountains and mountain ranges occupy the northern and western parts of the rayon; hill zone with plain valley occupy the central part; the south-eastern part of the rayon comes close to Zaisanski hollow.
Climate of Kokpektinski rayon is sharp continental, dry with unsteady moisture and large oscillation amplitude of day and annual temperature.

On Bektemir territory there is large ilmenitov's sand reserves - the raw material for Ust-Kamenogorsk Titan and Magnesium Plant. Balazhal mine has been mined for gold.

The agrarian industry is the basic one in the rayon as the whole population is busy in it. At present the farms has gotten over the crisis. Nowadays at the farms it is produced not only crop but also developed the livestock breeding as well as constructed the system of processing plants.

Gross production of agricultural products of the rayon makes up 3 bln. KZT that 3% higher of the previous years. The leaders of agrarian sectors are "Ornek" Ltd., - the head Koygeldin Erzhan Tursynkhanovich, the farm "Mambet" - the head Mambetov Esimbek Dalelovich, the farm "Talap" - the head Kushukpayev Zhumabek Kurmashevich, the farm "Kusainuly" - the head Kumarov Marat Kusainovich. The farms of Rapek Baurzhan, Sadykov Kanat, Zhakupov Murat, Kantayev Tursumbek develop as well.

More than 3 years the farm "Tabigat" under the head of Baymoldin Kayrat Kapezovich has occupied with pedigree Kazakh belogolovaya breeding. The farm of Turdin Nurlan has occupied with angora-breeding.

One of the economically stable farms is "Ornek" under the head of Koygeldin Erzhan consisting of several processing plants. Basically they grow wheat, barley, sunflower, have more than a thousand of cattle, 300 horses.

The farm of Kusaynuly has a number of shops where the production from the fields is sold. The farm is headed by Marat Kumarov, he has a mill, a bakery baking 1200-1300 loaves.

The farm "Nur" headed by Nurpeisov Zamanbek is very prosperous. Two large enterprises - bakery and bier plant use the production of this farm. Nurpeisov Zamanbek is one of the first heads who repaired the building of the cinema. Now the cinema has an updating equipment, there is a bar, billiard and tennis tables that is the place where the residents can relax and spend a good time.

We are proud of two fish-factories - "Rybprom"Ltd. headed by Narozhnev Alexander and "Rybproduct" Ltd. headed by Zakaryan Kuat. There are produced 14 kinds of products, the main part of which is exported. Last year in "Rybprom" Ltd. 550 tons of fish were processed, a new oil-flour plant was put into the operation. These two enterprises not only gave 130 work places but also make for development of the youth fishing groups all over the rayon.
There are 115 persons in the old people's home. The head Dyusyupov Salavat finished the reconstruction and put in the operation a new building on 50 places.

A memorial built with the help of the residents as a token of respect and remembrance of our compatriots died during the war in Afghan was opened in the centre of the settlement. Mukasheva Aliya on her own funs opened a modern trading centre in 2002. In a year and a half she took the inhabited building and for six months she repaired it, the building has the heating. Now it is a restaurant for 200 places, banquet room with fireplace, 2 hotel rooms and bar.

An individual entrepreneur Sultanov Serik on his own funs buy the building of the former shooting-range and opened a computer club.

Generally speaking all the residents of the rayon try to realize the main goals set by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kokpektinski land is famous for its talented and gifted figures. The writer Kalikhan Altynbayev as well as an akyn who had a lot of oblast and republic rewards for oral poet genre aitys is one of them. He published materials on rayon history.

More than a quarter of a century a well-known journalist Nasrulla Serikpayev worked in the rayon newspaper "Zhuldyz" - "Star". In that newspaper many of his items, stories and poems, verses were published. On his verses a song "Kokpekty Valsy" was written.

Famous poets and improvisators, akyns of the rayon are Beysen Akhanov, Omargazy Khasenov, Kylyshbek Nurpeisov.
A famous musician and producer Akkazy Bazakanov is invited at all arrangements.
Ensemble "Russian souvenirs" headed by Tamara Nechayeva is known of its originality and unusualness. She is the head, accompanist as well as the soloist of the ensemble.

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