Borodulikha district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Ольга Александровна Булавкина

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070400, Borodulikha district, Borodulikha settlement, 69 Krupskaya St.,

Phone: 8-72351-2-13-31

Web site:

Reception of citizens: from 14-00 p.m. till 17-00 p.m.


Borodulikha settlement was founded in the second quarter of the XIX century. Till 1917 Borodulikha was an ordinary large settlement as many others located to the east from the Ural. This very settlement had a lot of peculiarities which made a considerable impact upon the whole Soviet period. They are: the outlying administrative position, multiply ethnic composition, fertile lands.

On administrative division Borodulikha belonged to the Tomsk district, Zmeinogorski uyezd and was a volost centre. So, if the whole Siberia was a remote area of tsarist Russia, Borodulikha was the remotest one. Semipalatinsk economically attracted Borodulikha, as Zmeinogorsk was a small uyezd town than time and the peasants of Borodulikha settlement went to Semipalatinsk. The peasants of Borodulikha settlement as well as in all Siberia didn't know about the private property on land. The land was in public property but in private use.

General overview:
Borodulikhinski rayon was founded in 1944. Administrative centre is Borodulikha settlement. The rayon is situated in the north of East-Kazakhstan region. The rayon centre is located in 200 km. from oblast centre (Ust-Kamenogorsk city), the railway station is in 25 km from the settlement. Overall territory makes up 6900 including 87773 ha. of forest, 14301 ha. of water. Borodulikhinski rayon borders on Altai krai of Russian Federation in the north, on Shemonaikhinski rayon in the east, on Beskaragayski rayon in the west, on Semipalatinsk city in the south.
There are the railway and motor roads of republic importance on the territory of the rayon.
In the interior of the Earth of Borodulikhinski rayon one can find complex ores. Besides cupper and zinc there is gold, silver, cadmium as well as less-common and disseminated elements in the concentrates.
The raw materials is the basis for building materials production; clay for bricks production and stone for ballast.
There is a great variety of berries, mushrooms, herbals in the forests. Annually 50 000 timber is storing in the rayon. In the wild forests there are the trot, wolf, corsac, fox, squirrel, weasel, badger, polecat, musk-rat, hare; such ungulate animals as elk, roedeer.
The climate is sharp continental, sever winter and cool summer.
Average annual temperature in January is -17C° and in July +20C°.
There are 74 settlements. The administrative rayon consists of 18 rural districts and 1 settlement one.
The rayon numbers 44 800 people, including 34 200 countryfolk and 10 600 city-dwellers.
There are 9035 pensioners, 134 participants of World War II in the rayon.
More than 30 nations live in the rayon. Kazakhs - 27,9%, Russians - 55,4%, other nations - 16,7%.

There are the mining plant "Zhezkentski GOK" JSC in Borodulikhinski rayon and a number of processing plants. Nowadays Zheskenski ore mining and processing enterprise is the basis of non-ferrous metallurgy of East-Kazakhstan as well as the whole Republic of Kazakhstan. "Zhezkentski GOK" JSC is situated on the edge of two oblasts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Altai krai of the Russian Federation. The mining of the ore started in 1977. In December, 1988 the production of cupper and zinc concentrates were started. "Zhezkentski GOK" became a JSC (25.01.1994). From February, 1997 the enterprise was controlled by "Samsung Deutchland" and was a part of "Kazakhmys" corporation. (From April, 2001 the corporation "Samsung Deutchland" bought 90% of stocks.)
In 1999 the power lines is built from Shulbinski HES that allowed not to use the power of Russian, that year concrete complex with using the tailings of concentration plant, that also allowed not to buy the screening and sand extract on the territory of Russia. From 1992 the enterprise has modernized the park of self-propelled mining equipment by machines of "Tampak" firm.
At present the plant is mined the ore by lifting way and its dressing with zinc and cupper concentrates output.
At the plat 3 500 persons work, average salary is the largest one in the rayon as well as in the oblast and makes up more than 23 000 tenge. The plant maintains the whole social and communal ares, two kindergartens with 500 children, pool, Metallurgist Palace, cafe, preventorium, camp that works in summer time.

The agroindustrial complex of Borodulikhinski rayon:
The agroindustrial complex consists of 13 limited companies, 1 collective enterprise, 503 farms where grain and oil seeds production, meat and dairy cattle breeding are developed.
The agroindustrial complex of the rayon works for satisfaction of needs of the population. Area under crop makes up 210 000ha i.e. more than 65% under spring wheat, 7% under groats and 19% forage crop. Sunflower area is 58 900ha.

Well-known compatriots:
The rayon is peculiar and people are unordinary. They are stirring and enterprising.
V. Eremenko, a war veteran, a hero of Socialistic Labour, an honorary person of Borodulikhinski rayon is one of them.
M. Merkulov is a lieutenant-general, a hero of Soviet Union who for a long time headed the Krasnoznamenni high military border college in Almaty city.

There are 24 cultural objects in the rayon, they are rayon culture House, rayon library and 18 rural libraries. Library system is an informational and methodical centre with more than 350 899 books. Different children and adult circles work, disco is conducted in the culture House. Dancing groups "Iskorka", "Figaro", choir "Arna" work there. Two ensembles "Gakku" and "Russian Uzor" got a title of "Nanional Ensemble" of Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan. Traditional conducting of "Elki Akima" for granted and of moderate means children.

There are 37 schools of general education with 6999 children. At schools 781 teachers work, 500 ones with higher education. All schools are computerized. There are 14 buses for children's transportation. There are 3 schools with Kazakh form of education where children have the opportunity from the first grade to join to spiritual values of the mother words, to national culture.
In 2002 the child sport school was opened in the rayon and music school in Zhezkent settlemet. The title "Perfect Educator of the Republic of Kazakhstan" got 58 persons of the rayon, 57 persons awarded diplomas of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

There are 34 sport buildings, including 1 sport-complex, sports halls, open grounds, specialized halls (heavy athletics in New Shulba, track-and-field athletics in Novopokrovka settlement, swimming pool in Zheskent settlement).

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