Abai district

Office: Akim

Baisabyrov Zharkynbek Borashevich

Zharkynbek Baisabyrov was born on August 9, 1969 in Pervomay settlement of Urjar district. In 1992 graduated from Semipalatinsk Zootechnic-Veterinarian Institute in “Veterinary science”, and also Auezov Semipalatinsk University majoring in “Economy”.

Labour activity began in 1992 as a director of Sanitary-Medical Station of Kalinin Collective Farm in Pervomay settlement, then for some years headed the farm “1 May” Ltd. In 1998-2004 – headed the farm “Erasyl”, then held an office of akim of Nekrasov rural district of Urjar district. In September, 2006 was appointed akim of Zhogargy settlement of Eginsu rural district where worked up to 2008. Till 2017 was a deputy akim of Urjar district.

Since November 3, 2017 is appointed akim of Abai district.

Official duties

Solving current and longtime duties on realization of normative acts, decisions, solutions of the President RK, the Government and regional akim, directed at reforming, conducting and developing the district economy. Controlling the work of district akim’s office, work of sessions of district akim’s office, drawing up of the district budget, providing interaction of local agencies, district Office of Public Prosecutor, court, district Department of Internal Affairs, Department of Defense to strengthen the law and order of criminality and corruption fighting, political stability. Providing the work on further reforming of economic and social spheres of the district. According to the positioned order appoints and dismisses local akims, workers of district akim’s office, heads of local agencies, being engaged in assignment of awards of the Government and staff encouragement. Managing the civil defence and emergency situations in the district.

  Reception: 9-16-00
  Fax: 9-12-44
  Е-mail: akim@akimvko.gov.kz

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