Abai district

Akimat of East Kazakhstan region

Head: Baisabyrov Zharkynbek Borashevich

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 070100, Karaul settlement, 5 Kunanbai St.,

Phone: 8-722-52-9-16-00

Web site: abay.vko.gov.kz

E-mail: akim@akimvko.gov.kz

The Shyngystau is an unnoticeable mountain on the map but it takes a notable place in the history. It is the fatherland of great sons of Kazakh people of Abai, Shakarim, Mukhtar. Everyone who was on that land as if pages turning of M. Auezov's novel-epopee "Abai's Way" appeared on a way running towards Semipalatinsk, seeing an endless steppe, going by the hills resembling tymak tobyktins, looking at the lonely top of the Koken mountain on the way, as well as spring bursting out the reddish stones, burial mound of Kushikbai - the last place being of well-known batyr who defended the Kazakhs against foreign invaders.

Beyond the pass named after Kushikbai batyr, coming the Borli - Wolf den, the land where the great writer M. Auezov was born. There is a museum-house opened to His ninth birthday. Not far away Mukhtar's father Omarkhan and mother Nurzhamal are buried. Ten kilometers from Borli the son of Abai Akylbai and His wives Aygerym and Dilda are buried. The road from Borli comes to the Kaskabulak village. In summer, 2004 on the birthplace of the Great Abai, near the Syrt-Kaskabulak spring a marble monument was erected on the initiative of the rayon Akim B. Uysumbayev and owing to the sponsorship of the Kurchatov Akim A. Mukhtarkhanov and the director of "Degelen tas" LTD V. Kovalyev.

Fields and meadows spread over the region, there you can see the monument-grave of Eraly the loved son of Kengirbai biy. In 1998 mazar was re-erected. This valley is named after Eraly. Farther the Large and Small Ordas are situated. In the Small Orda the Ungirtas cave is located where Enlik and Kebek took cover from cruel people.

Geographical position:
Abai region of East-Kazakhstan region is situate at the foot of Shyngystau mountain to the south-west from Semipalatinsk.

Abai region was formed in 1928. The territory makes up 20,9 sq.m. The population numbers 16978 persons. The main direction of economy is cattle breeding. Hilled plain spread over the western and northern parts of the region. The climate is sharp continental. Average temperature in January in winter is - 14,2C°; in July is 20,7C°. the volume of annual precipitations makes up 205-300 mm. the Tchagan, Ashi, Su, Karauyl, Kundyzdy, Shet, Mukur rivers flow over the whole territory of the region.

With getting independence Tchingistau, the region of Kazakh genius people is flouring. Social and economic position has improved, the people is sure in their future. Let's pay our attention to the centre of cultural Mekka of Kazakh people.
Karaul is the rayon centre of Abai region with population 5069 people.

On the square, opposite the Akimat building the monument of Abai Kunanbayev is situated. This monument was erected in 1971.
In 1991 the Akimat building was put into operation according to all requirements. There the decisions are taken, aimed at improving of citizens' well-being, increasing of economic potential of the region.

Central Square is a picturesque place of the rayon centre. In spring, 2002 the square was modernized.
The hotel was built and commissioned owing to the sponsorship of the heads of Zheskazgan region to the 150th birth of Abai Kunanbayev.

Between the Akimat building and the hotel the monument "Kasyr tilgalary" is situated. The marble portraits and names of great people such as Shakarim Kudayberdiyev, Kokbai Zhanataev, Shaker Abenov, Aytykesh Tolganbayev, Shaymardan Tokzhigitov, Zakariya Belibayev, Zhangazy Moldagaliyev, Serikkazy Moldagaliyev, Zhanibek Karmenovich, Kamena Orazalina are on it.

The "Kunanbai kazhi" mosque was built in 1995 to the 150th birth of great Abai. The mosque is the symbol of purity, faith, spiritual consent and takes the peculiar place in the life of the people.

"Avenue of Glory" is named after the Hero Soviet Union Z. Belibayev. There The Cenotaph is situated, the place of paying homage to our ancestors.

The "People's Friendship" monument. There are the poems of Goete, Lermontov and Abai Kunanbayev, these are the poems of three genius of German, Russian and Kazakh people.
Last year in summer the Culture House was reconstructed. The building is embodiment of culture, beauty, creative searching.
The alley devoted to the sacrifices of repressions in 30th of the XX century. In 2004 the delegation of elected representative of the people at the head of Kayrolla Erezhepov attended the opening of the alley. In 1930-1940 many educated people became the sacrifices of Stalin repressions. The repression of Sh. Kudayberdiyev is the brightest example to that.
For the last years the great attention is paid to the improvement, planting, lighting of the streets not only in the centre but also in all rural districts. There are coloured billboards with social and economic directivity, with the picture of great poet Abai Kunanbayev, our president N.A. Nazarbayev.

Architectural monuments:
1) Memorial complex of Abai and Shakarim.
2) Kengirbai biy monument
3) Mamay batyr mazar
4) Toktamys batyr mazar
5) Kokbay akyn museum
6) Shaker Aben mazar
7) Aytykesh Tolganbayev mazar
8) Abai Allmaganbet singer monument
9) Aypara Ana monument
10) Nysan abyz monument
11) The monument on the top of "Kur kuduk" (there were the remains of Shakarim Kudayberdiyev for 30 years).
12) Aktamberdy zhyrau mazar

Historic places:
1) Konyr auliye cave
2) Shilikti pass
3) Uy tas
4) Ishan Auliye

Known compatriots:
Great sons of Kazakh people.
1) Abai Kunanbayev is a great son of Kazakh people
2) Shakarim Kudayberdiyev is a poet, philosopher
3) Mukhtar Auezov is an outstanding Kazakh writer

Historic figures:
1) Anet baba - the scientist
2) Kengirbai bi is a bi, batyr, figure
3) Toktamys Lakauly is a batyr
4) Aypara ana
5) Nysan abyz is a historic figure
6) Eraly is an auliye

Heroes of the Soviet Union:
1) Zhangazy Moldagaliyev is a hero of the Soviet Union
2) Zakariya Belibayeva is hero of the Soviet Union
3) Serikkazy Bekbosynov is a hero of the Soviet Union

Heroes of Socialist Labour:
1) Shyngys Azimbayev is a hero of Socialist Labour
2) Orazbek Tabayev is a hero of Socialist Labour
3) Sultash Bayyelov is a hero of Socialist Labour
4) Orazgali Kazanbayev is a hero of Socialist Labour
5) Zhiyenbai Ekibayev is a hero of Socialist Labour
6) Zhumagaysha Zhakina is a hero of Socialist Labour
7) Omirkhan Itemirov is a hero of Socialist Labour
8) Zhauken Sadyrbayeva is a hero of Socialist Labour
9) Kabdolla Otemurzin is a hero of Socialist Labour
10) Shabdan Almaganbetov is a hero of Socialist Labour
11) Bolat Bagdatov is a hero of Socialist Labour
12) Ortkali Kasymzhanov is a hero of Socialist Labour
13) Musa Beysemizov is a hero of Socialist Labour

Poets, writers:
1) Kokbai Zhanatayuly
2) Shaker Abenov
3) Kamen Orazalin
4) Ryskhan Musin
5) Rollan Seysenbayev
6) Mergali Ibrayev
7) Tursyn Zhurtbai
8) Tolegen Zhangaliyev
9) Tynyshtykbek Abdikakimiv
10) Muratbek Ospanov
11) Daulet Seysenov

1) Bakyt Uysumbayev
2) Arap Espenbetov
3) Ualkhan Abdilmanov
4) Erlan Sydykov
5) Oryngali Adibayev
6) Musatay Akynzhanov

Public figures:
1) Khafiz Matayev - during 17 was a head of Abai rayon, 2 times was elected a deputy of Supreme Soviet of Kazakh USR.
2) Karim Nurbayev - for a long time had been headed Abai rayon, three times elected a deputy of Supreme Soviet of Kazakh USR.
3) Kaber Kaiyrkhanov is a deputy of Supreme Soviet of Kazakh USR.
4) Kulima Medeuova is a deputy of Supreme Soviet of Kazakh USR.
5) Telman Zhakynov is a deputy of Supreme Soviet of Kazakh USR.
6) Karashash Myrzabekovna is a deputy of Supreme Soviet of Kazakh USR.

Culture and art figures:
1) Amina Omirzakova
2) Madeniyet Eshekeyev
3) Bolat Sybanov
4) Aytykesh Tolganbayev
5) Zhanibek Karmenov
6) Bolat Baymuratov
7) Bakyt Shagatayeva
8) Turar Kozbayeva
9) Kappas Kasymov
10) Bayan Sagymbayeva
11) Roza Sakenovva


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