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 Joint statement of Department of Committee for Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Competition Protection of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on East Kazakhstan region and Entrepreneurs Chamber of East Kazakhstan region to businesses related to non-admission of speculative rises in prices at commodity markets 

In the current  situation when the risk of speculative prices is possible, first of all, on food products of the first necessity; nonfood products having a high consumer demand (cars, office equipment, household chemistry, etc.); and also having multiplicate effect - oil products, commodity and liquefied gas, coal, black oil, etc.), Committee for Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Competition Protection of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, address to enterprises of the area of trade and services for the population, as well as to domestic commodity producers to keep their usual operating mode, without agiotage and provoking  consumers’ dissatisfaction.

In the current macroeconomic situation we consider that it is important to mobilize the efforts of all business-community and state agencies for joint constructive actions which, on the one hand, should not entail risk factors of agiotage from businesses, and, on the other hand, - misapplication and unreasonable control and sanction  activities from representatives of the authority.

The antimonopoly agency has the right to open an inquiry in accordance with infringements of the antimonopoly legislation.

So, such facts of speculation from businesses can lead to the establishment of investigations (or misapplication of a leading position), as:

- Establishment of monopolistic high price;

- Introduction of unreasonable restrictions in workplaces and sales of goods having demand including the possibility of production and sales;

- Creation of artificial deficit at the market by withdrawal of goods from use of production (Article 13 of the Law RK «On competition»).

Also the following agreements and (or) coordinated actions of businesses of the market are forbidden:

- Establishment and (or) maintenance of prices or other conditions of purchase or sales of goods;

- Unreasonable restriction of production or sales of goods (articles 10,11 of the Law RK «On competition»).

Fulfillment of similar actions attracts imposing turnaround penalties from 3 % up to 5 %, with confiscation of all monopolistic income (article 159 of Administrative Violation Code RK).

Besides, for the specified infringements the criminal liability is stipulated (article 221 Criminal Code RK).

At the same time, at a stage of application of measures of warning influence when it is possible to avoid antimonopoly investigations, we address to businesses of the market and call to carry out their activities in strict compliance with the relevant legislation, pursuing the proved price and commercial policy, in view of objective circumstances, including:

- Availability of stocks of products;

- Real cost price of products or cost of production purchase;

- Proportionality of growth of sold products to growth of the cost price of production or the cost of production purchase (for example, it is unreasonably to raise the price of sale of goods at 20 % at increase in products’ purchase or cost by 5 %).

Officials of the antimonopoly agency are members of the created at akimats of operative staffs  to control prices where in view of a broader set of tools of  antimonopoly reaction it plays an active role in this situation.

Along with investigations, the antimonopoly agency will daily monitor the prices for basic socially significant goods.

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan also provides its representative office in the staffs with forces of Regional Chambers of Entrepreneurs which have the following goals:

- Organization of work with business - associations, trading networks, markets not to admit the unreasonable price rise;

- Not to admit abuses by local agencies (excess of powers, attraction of supervising state agencies, imposing of price policy and so on);

- Organization of analytical work and monitoring of prices of the most significant for the population of goods and services.

Addressing to citizens, we are pleased to announce about the availability of a telephone helpline in the Department of Committee for Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Competition Protection of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on East Kazakhstan region in case of facts of a sharp turnabout in prices: 8(7232) 70-49-00, 61-41-20, and also with official applications.

There is ongoing communication with advisers of Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of East Kazakhstan region on all issues of concern to businesses and citizens (tel.:8/7232/702 953, fax: 8 //7232/251 287, e-mail: website:

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