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The strategic program document - Program of Territory Development of East Kazakhstan region for 2016-2020 (Section «Ecology and Land Resources») is under implementation aiming at stabilization of the ecological situation of East Kazakhstan region. 

Following the results of the conducted activities, it was possible to achieve expected results on a number of positions, namely:
- According to the data provided by the statistics agencies, conducted activities on protection of atmospheric air led to achieving the level of 92,5 % of capturing  and decontamination of emissions from stationary sources. The index of atmospheric air pollution in 2016 made up 5,6.
The total amount of gross pollutant emissions has been increasing.
For the period of 2010-2015, the total amount of gross pollutant emissions in the atmosphere from stationary sources decreased from 147,000 tons to 127,200 tons, in Ust-Kamenogorsk decreased from 62,100 tons to 51,100 tons.
The analysis of hydroeconomic furniture conditions of the water facilities of the region highlights the continuing stabilization of surface-water quality according to the indicators of the pollution index and degree of quality which had   a positive impact on the state of the key waterway of the region of the Irtysh river.
More than KZT3,7 billion was allocated from budgets of all levels for financing of nature protection activities in 2016, development made up KZT3,2 billion, including: the republican budget KZT1,2 billion, the regional budget - KZT1,4 billion, budgets of cities and districts - KZT0,6 billion.
In the reporting year, emissions taxes accounted for KZT5,879 billion, that up by 26,9 % compared to the forecast.
Within the framework of the above-stated program documents, the complex of nature protection actions was carried out in 2016 which aimed at:

1) air protection
- providing the functioning of the Regional automated information system of industrial ecological monitoring (RAISIEM) and Ecological Safety Center (ESC) in the regional center;
- carrying out of the detailed inspection of the level of lead pollution of the environment and development of the plan of stage-by-stage restoration of the soil covering of the resident areas of the sanitary protection zone of the Northern industrial hub of Ust-Kamenogorsk city;
- carrying out of additional sampling with the purpose of monitoring the condition of air pollution of Ust-Kamenogorsk city.
2) protection of land resources and radiating safety
- Mercury-containing waste products from the budgetary organizations of the region are collected and stored (more than 143,000);
- It’s provided the functioning of the site of demercurization of mercury-containing waste products (recycling more than 276,000 fulfilled mercury-containing devices and products);
- Works are performed on liquidation of the revealed center of radioactive pollution in the territory of a residential zone of the regional center.
3) protection and reproduction of bioresources
- Biotechnical actions are performed with the purpose of reproduction of the natural forage base for wild animals and birds on agricultural lands of Ulan, Kokpekty and Urjar districts;
- With the purpose of regulation of the number of predatory animals, 388 wolves and wolf cubs were shot.
4) the complex of educational activities was carried out among the population of the region.
So, in 2016 the implementation of the first phase of the project «Development of waste treatment plants of the sewage disposal of Ust-Kamenogorsk city» was completed in the region and the design-budget documentation of the second phase is under development. The design-budget documentation on construction of waste treatment plants and sewage disposal in Urjar settlement is under development. Akimats of cities and districts of the region due to own means conducted the works on liquidation of unauthorized, dumps, sanitary purification and gardening of settlements to the sum of KZT0,6 billion. 









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