Raising citizens’ legal awareness

The region is conducting a campaign to raise awareness of the population for the Address of the President of the country to the people of Kazakhstan from January 31, 2017 “Kazakhstan Third Modernization: Global Competitiveness”. In all, there are 20 advocacy groups (AG) (1 regional, 19 city/district) consisting of 612 propagandists.

The population of the region may refer the following issues to the regional akimat:
1) events in the sector of healthcare, ensuring the fulfillment of the citizens’ right to guaranteed volume of free medical aid in compliance with set national standards; staffing of the state organizations of health care;
2) ensuring the fulfillment of the citizens’ right to free education;
3) issues of employment of the population;
4) coordination of providing the socially vulnerable people with social assistance;
5) proving with social and legal assistance of convicted persons, registered in the probation agency of the Penitentiary System Inspection, in conformity with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
6) activities on energy saving and increasing energy efficiency;
7) issues of social and economic development of the region;
8) regulation of migratory processes in the region;
9) municipal property management of the region;
10) Promoting  the implementation by citizens and organizations of norms of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laws, acts of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory legal acts of the central and local state agencies;
11) creating conditions for development of enterprise activity and investment climate in the territory of the region;
12) implementing the activities for development of stationary retail facilities within the framework of programs of development of territories;
13) organization of exhibition and fair activities;
14) approval  of locations of mobile retail facilities;
15) rational and effective functioning of the agrarian sector;
16) formulation of the scheme for zoning of the region, master plans for the construction of the regional center, district centers, cities of regional importance;
17) issues of construction, reconstruction and repair of facilities of the regional municipal property and social-cultural facilities of regional importance;
18) issue of permits to construction of municipal networks and facilities;
19) monitoring of construction (reconstruction, expansion, modernization, major overhaul) of the scheduled  facilities in subordinated territory of facilities and complexes;
20) organization of construction and operation of waterworks, waste treatment plants, heating and electric networks, registered  in the municipal property, and other facilities of transport and engineering infrastructure of the city of republican, capital importance;
21) organization and carrying out of exploration on underground waters for settlements;
22) regulation of land, water relations in conformity with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
23) issues of separate collecting, processing and recycling of municipal waste;
24) nature protection activities;
25) construction, rational operation and maintenance of roads of regional importance;
26) issues of protection of public order and safety in the territory of the region;
27) organization of transportation of passengers in conformity with the transport law of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
28) organization of work on protection and use of historic and cultural heritage, promoting development of historic, national and cultural traditions and customs of the population, development of physical training and sports;
29) conducting and filling in Address register information system;
30) organization of activities to prevent terrorism, and also to minimize and (or) liquidate the consequences of terrorism in the territory of the region, city of republican importance, capital through the antiterrorist commissions;
31) participation in prevention of emergency situations of social character, and also in minimization and (or) liquidation of their consequences in the territory of the region, city of republican importance, capital;
32) transfer of dwellings from the municipal available housing to the property of citizens in conformity with the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and according to the procedure determined  by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
33) development of rules for preparation and carrying out of winter season;
34) approval of consumption norms of municipal services on gas supply, electro supply, water supply, water removal and heat supply for the consumers who have no metering devices;
35) creation of infrastructure for playing sports of physical persons at the place of residence and in places of their mass recreation;
36) proving with housing of champions and prize-winners of Olympic, Paralympics  and Deaflympics Games according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Physical Training and Sports”;
37) monitoring the social strain and risks of labour conflicts and other issues stated by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Akimat of the region established the following state agencies aimed at the implementation of activities related to the above-stated issues.

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