Holographic pyramid to appear in Gluboky district

The project was approved by Akim of the region Danial Akhmetov during his working trip to Gluboky district

Students of the district organized an IT exhibition in the Youth Creativity Palace. The head of the region praised the work of students. Some of them he proposed to implement. For example, the project of Kamilla Safina, a student of the 8th grade, “Holographic Pyramid” will now appear in the district center at a height of four meters. Using this installation, you can get an exact copy of a three-dimensional object with all its properties. The main advantage of this project is 360 degrees’ view.

- Such a project needs to be done on a large scale and put it in front of the culture house to be now under construction which I visited today. Let the children do the Start-up project, and we will allocate money for this”, Danial Akhmetov said.

Kamilla noted that the creation of this project became possible only thanks to the opening of IT classes. By the way, East Kazakhstan is the only region that has opened digital classrooms in all schools of the region in four directions.

During the trip, the head of the region took part in the reporting back meeting of Akim of Gluboky district Kalikan Baigonusov before the population for 2019.

According to Kalikan Baigonusov, the work is continued in the district center to create conditions for the implementation of a high-quality educational process.

In 2019, the current repair of 14 IT-rooms was carried out, 111 units of computer equipment, 14 - 3D printers, 20 sets of LEGO sets, 14 active panels were additionally purchased. A striking result of this work is the victory of IT students of Gluboky district in the regional championship, which took place in March last year.

- In order to implement the party project “Free IT Classes” only in Gluboky district, 147 IT classes were opened, in which 2230 schoolchildren study robotics, programming and 3D modeling. Just now, I met with our children who showed their innovations in the IT direction. I see with what interest the children are doing this. For this reason, this year we set the task that by September 1, the IT-programming training program in East Kazakhstan region should meet the world standard”, said Danial Akhmetov.