Akim of East Kazakhstan region received residents of Urjar district

During a working trip to Urjar district, Akim of the region Danial Akhmetov held a reception of residents. It is worth noting that most of the appeals related to the appointment of TSA and social-housing sphere 

One of those who came to the reception was a mother of many children from Makanchi settlement Aydin Asylkhanova, who was refused to get TSA.

“I handed over the documents for TSA, but was refused,” the mother with many children explains. - I was told that the reason is that about 10 acres of land I own. But this territory does not bring me any profit. What should I do, I do not know.

Akim of the region promised that the commission will review her case. Aydin’s youngest child is 6 months old. Last year, as part of a regional program to support large families, she received housing. Now she wants to get training and win a grant to do business while sitting at home with children.

“If your land has no crops and a store, then it is not a source of income,” Danial Akhmetov stated the fact.

The head of the region noted that issues related to the appointment of targeted social assistance and the housing sector remain relevant. All the problems of the residents of the district center stated during the meeting will be taken under control and solved in the near future.