A mini cheese plant to open in Urjar district

This was announced by the district akim Serik Zainuldin at a reporting back meeting before the population which also was attended by the regional akim Danial Akhmetov 

According to Serik Zainuldin, in 2019 the gross agricultural output reached KZT66.1 billion. Farms of the district purchased more than two hundred agricultural machinery to the amount of KZT1,624.6 million.

“In 2020, we plan to increase export-oriented corn from 3351 hectares to 4000 hectares, soybeans from 958 hectares to 2000 hectares,” said Serik Zainuldin.

Today, Urjar district has high indicators in the field of dairy production. So in 2019, milk receiving stations purchased from the population and processed 1953 tons of milk. This year, milk receiving stations plan to increase milk purchase in 2900 tons, or 1.5 times.

The head of the region acknowledged the good work of the district in this direction and the work of the region’s record holder in milk sale Roza Bolatkhanova. She sells 100 liters of milk per day in the summer, and in winter there was not a single day that she did not sell milk. Thanks to the stable and good profit, the family is building a new house. During the year, their earnings from milk amounted to about KZT 4 million.

“I want to say that you don’t have to be afraid of working,” says Roza Bolathanova. “For our family, these cows are the only source of income.” My husband, son and I care for the cattle every day, we pasture and harvest food by our own. Now, thanks to the milking machine that was presented, it has become much easier for me, because I sell milk every day. Now it costs 100 tenge, and in the summer - 80 tenge per liter. I think this is a very profitable business. In the future, we plan to increase the number of cattle in 25-30 heads.

During the meeting, Rosa Bolathanova asked for help in getting an additional twenty heads of cattle. Akim of the region promised to consider and find a solution. In addition, in the near future it is planned to open a mini cheese processing plant in the district. Negotiations are underway with investors from Almaty city. It is also planned to open additional milk receiving stations in the villages of Verkhniy Yeginsu and Keldymurat.