In Ust-Kamenogorsk, measures have been developed to improve the 19th microdistrict

In order to improve the quality of life of citizens, on behalf of Akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov, a Comprehensive Plan for Improvement of the 19th Microdistrict has been developed.

We would like to remind the 19th residential district is a modern microdistrict in the left-bank part of Ust-Kamenogorsk, with a total area of ​​540 hectares. The development of the area was started in 2008. 63 multi-storey residential buildings with 425.400 square meters were built there (5581 apartments), where more than 20,000 people live. At the moment, 26 more houses of 240,000 square meters are being built (3007 apartments).

- Unfortunately, there are constant systemic problems. Only a small number of houses have a complete final appearance from the point of view of arrangement, there are problems with comfort, improvement. This is, of course, a negative factor, you have suffered many inconveniences. And I apologize again. But today at this meeting we will offer you a Comprehensive Plan, we will provide decent financing. I want you to take part in this, make suggestions, control the process. This is the concept of an “open budget”, said Danial Akhmetov.

The head of the region noted that a Children's Hospital with 200 beds of the regional Mother and Child Center, which meets all international standards, has recently been opened in the region. Also during this period, the buildings of the East Kazakhstan Regional Court, the Territorial Administration of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Regional Blood Center, 2 schools for 1000 students and 1 kindergarten "Rakhat" with 250 places were built, a pre-school institution with 250 places will be commissioned soon within the framework of PPP.

In 2021, it is planned to open a Physics and Mathematics School with 700 places on Esenberlin Avenue. Measures are being taken to improve the transport system of the 19th residential area with other microdistricts of the city. In 2019, the road was opened from Satpayev Ave. to Samara Highway.

The works for the construction of a main road with a total length of 5.06 km from Esenberlin Avenue with access to the Almaty highway and the intersection of Satpayev Ave - Zhibek-Zholy Ave have started.

In order to ensure the vital activity of the microdistrict, 2 heat pump stations, 1 water pump station, 3 sewage pumping stations and 33 transformer substations were built.

The Comprehensive Plan, which will be implemented in 2020, involves two stages. To give a new appearance to the residential area, driveways will be made and widened with a length of 5.44 km, sidewalks with a length of 3.03 km will be reconstructed. It is planned to illuminate driveways, sidewalks and sites, 595 lights will be installed. 100 sets of benches and bins will be installed. In addition, 12 child and 12 sports playgrounds, three football fields, seven recreation areas for adults will be equipped in the microdistrict. Particular attention will be paid to landscaping. There will be flower beds and 15,000 seedlings will be planted. In general, 20,600 m2 will be landscaped to the amount of KZT16.79 million.

An urgent priority task is the construction of drainage networks, street lighting, the construction of sidewalks and intra-courtyard driveways. Installation of benches and street lamps. In the near future, one of the large-scale projects will be the construction of a two-hectare leisure park. In general, it is planned to allocate KZT1.3 billion for the improvement of the 19th residential area.

At the end of the meeting, the residents of the region made their wishes and proposals, and also thanked the head of the region for developing the plan.

- This meeting is not the last. In a few months, I will have another discussion with you. We will tell you who works on what site, the amount of work to be done. We will cope with this task”, Danial Akhmetov concluded.