Closing ceremony of IT Forum Digital East 2019 held in East Kazakhstan region 

IT forum was held in East Kazakhstan. A plenary meeting took place within the framework of the Forum where participants of IT-Hackathon presented their projects.

An exhibition of StartUp projects took place in the lobby of the Interdepartmental Unified Situational Center. These projects had been presented by school students to the jury on October, 15 this year. 15 best projects aimed at automating the most various areas were selected to participate in the Forum, including education, healthcare, security and agriculture.

The head of the region Danial Akhmetov visited the exhibition and talked with talented young people.

- Last year, we held IT Forum for the first time. At that time, ten students took part in the StartUp project competition. All of them received grants for the implementation of their ideas. I’m deeply convinced that in a few years, IT Forum will bring together thousands of students. Starting next year, each school in the region will have a more advanced training program in IT programming in accordance with international standards. I really like that now our children are engaged in the concept of "Smart Home", regulate technological processes. This is just the beginning. The day is not far off when we will have completely new professions, for example, a remote surgeon. In the near future 5G technologies will come to us. I’m sure that we will cope with this task, - said Akim of East Kazakhstan region.

A solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of StartUp-project developers and the best IT-Hackathon team took place after that. Young people received grants and rewards from extrabudgetary funds for a total amount of KZT14.4 million.

Alisher Mauletov, a student of Shakarim Multidisciplinary Gymnasium with three languages of education, received a certificate to the sum of KZT527.5 for the project of a computer model of Tenge alu game. A student of the secondary school No. 12 of Semey city Denis Sukachev developed two projects. He received a certificate to the sum of KZT1 million for automation of the school boiler room device, and KZT500,000 for creation of a smart keyboard and mobile application.

Vladislav Volostnov and Marina Kazantseva, representing the regional specialized IT School-Lyceum, were awarded a certificate to the sum of KZT600,000 for development of a robotic system Pedestrian Helper.

Several more students of IT School-Lyceum were also awarded: Darya Kavrigina received KZT1.995 million for the development of the Pediatr computer-based monitoring system for children development, Sofya Akulova, Arina Lavrova, Ramil Khusainov developed the virtual 3D tour project “Abai - dana, Abai - dara kazakta", dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev, and received KZT3.360 million to implement their idea.

Irina Salnikova from the lyceum school of Zhezkent settlement of Borodulikha district was awarded a certificate for KZT70,000 for the project of dry and wet air purifier. A student of O. Bokey Lyceum No.44 of Ust-Kamenogorsk city Islam Talgat received KZT430,000 for the project of a smart electronic lock that opens with a smartphone. Alema Toleugazy from Shakarim Gymnasium with three languages of education was awarded a certificate to the sum of KZT 697,200 ​​for the development of a machine with numerical control.

Aidos Chaikov, Zhanbolat Shakenov from Koldenen Secondary School and Kishkenetau Secondary School-Kindergarden of Urjar district were awarded a certificate in the amount of KZT631.5 million for the project "Smart School".

A school student of P.G. Karelin school of Zharma district Aksar Meyramkhanov received KZT200,000 for the development of an intelligent street lighting. Ruslan Tokayev from the Regional Specialized School-Lyceum for gifted children in mathematics, physics, computer science, Ust-Kamenogorsk city was awarded a certificate in the amount of KZT125,500 for the design of a device, which serves to warn of an impending flood. Sayatbek Meirambekov from the Station of Young Technicians of Ayagoz district was awarded a certificate in the amount of KZT576,800 for the project of an electric track chain in agriculture.

A student of Zh. Bolganbayev Samar Lyceum School Alimzhan Ashimov received KZT368,000 for the implementation of the project of an automated control system. The largest certificate in the amount of KZT1.297 million was received by Nazly Samarkhanova from the Regional Specialized School-Lyceum for Gifted Children in Ust-Kamenogorsk for the system of information support for schoolchildren healthy nutrition.

The best team of the first regional IT-Hackathon Altai-2019 is Coding_Skills team for the development of a training and educational portal for sports or Olympic schools and universities. The regional akim presented young programmers a certificate to the sum of KZT2 million.

All boys and girls plan to invest in further improvement and development of their projects.