Young trees are being planted jointly with Akim of the region Danial Akhmetov.

Today, Akim of the region Danial Akhmetov, together with residents of Moldagulov Street and workers of Mother and Child Center planted young trees. 

Today, 140 trees were planted on Moladagulova St., 15/1. Children and adults participated, too. So, a resident of one of the houses, Galina Andreyevna, together with the Head of the region planted young fluffy Christmas trees.

“We should calculate together how many trees we need to plant near each house,” Danial Akhmetov said. - You will count all together and I will have to see the paper from you, how many trees are needed. In the spring, we will dig holes. We’ll come there for the whole day to plant there as many trees as necessary. But then everyone should look after their tree. Let this be the beginning today, and in the spring we will plant more.

The head of the region noted that by the end of October, an improvement plan of the 19th microdistrict will be made up together with the residents, and next year the district will be improved.

Akim of the region also visited the Mother and Child Center, where together with its workers, planted young Christmas trees, pines, birch and karagai. Akim of the region told young specialists about the work that is underway in the region. He noted that doctors are being actively trained in leading foreign clinics.

“We have the equipment of the international level,” Danial Akhmetov noted. “But we need highly qualified doctors who can work with it.” Therefore, we launched a program for training specialists in leading foreign clinics. If earlier they studied only 3 months, now they will study for six months or more. I always say that the problem is not with the doctors. The learning process itself cannot last five years. In Europe, a mid-level specialist has been training for five years. We have a high level of qualification, teaching you a short period of time.

Next year, it is planned to allocate almost twice more money for training doctors.