Akim of East Kazakhstan region congratulated KAFU on the 25th anniversary

Akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov visited the Kazakhstan-American Free University that marks these days the quarter-century anniversary.

At the ceremony celebrating the university’s anniversary, Danial Akhmetov presented the lapel badge of honorary citizen of East Kazakhstan region to KAFU President Yerezhep Mambetkaziyev, also Danial Akhmetov presented a symbolic traditional Kazakh gift - a chapan to the Chairman of the KAFU Board of Trustees Marshall Kristinsen.

- Today KAFU is a vivid example of cooperation with foreign partners. Further development of cooperation in this direction will certainly give a new impetus to the integration processes of East Kazakhstan, as well as the whole Republic. It is known that the university trained 12,000 specialists, 4,000 of them speak English brilliantly. And this is your merit to create the first international university in the Republic. I must say that Yerezhep Arkhairovich was the first Minister of Sovereign Kazakhstan, and it is with him we connect the foundations of the educational policy of our country,” said Danial Akhmetov.

The head of the region is convinced that the unique scientific potential of the teaching staff will allow the university to further develop and achieve new heights in science and education.

“Let this significant date be another impulse forward to the fulfillment of all our plans and projects,” added Danial Akhmetov.

Akim of the region wished the faculty, students and foreign partners of KAFU further prosperity and success.

- I am very pleased that 600 residents of East Kazakhstan region received Kazakhstan-American diplomas. This creates the basis for the implementation of the order of Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, regarding the competitiveness of the population. Education and new technologies - this is the foundation to implement the order of Elbasy,” Danial Akhmetov summed up.

After the award ceremony, a scientific conference was held, where representatives of the university proposed their own, already tested models of the concept of training for the business sector. Scientists and entrepreneurs from the USA, Europe and the CIS also arrived at the event.