Danial Akhmetov congratulated a centenarian of East Kazakhstan region

Gulzhazira Alimbayeva is a long timer from Ust-Kamenogorsk, she was born on August 15, 1919 in Shakenbulak of Katon-Karagai district.

Gulzhazira Alimbayeva had a very interesting life. She saw the revolution, the Civil War, the formation of the USSR, the Great Patriotic War, the building of independent Kazakhstan. All these landmark events have left their footprint on her life, which, of course, was not easy. At 15, Gulzhazira was left without her father, in 1934 Nursapar Dildaimuly was arrested as an enemy of the people. He did not return home, he died in Semey during the timber-rafting along the Irtysh. Her mom, her sister and two brothers of Gulzhazira Alimbayeva after the confiscation of cattle and their apartment building tried to escape to China. The girl married to Mamyrbek Alimbayev, who at that time was working in the timber industry enterprise in Enbek village of Katon-Karagai district. Gulzhazira, having learned that her mother, her sister and brothers were left alone on the border of China, walked through the Burkhat pass by Lake Markakol, and took them.

- It is very far, about 150-160 km. She walked all this distance. It was already October, there was snow on the pass. Having mounted her younger brother Kaliakper on a cow, she kept walking ahead, raking deep snow. Since the house was confiscated and there was nowhere to live, she left her sister Nurgyzar to her relatives, her brother Kaliaskar she also left to distant relatives as a hired shepherd, and she took her younger brother Kaliakper with her. In this way, my mother saved her brothers and her sister from the death,” says Gulzhazira’s son Orymbek Alimbayev.

By the way, Gulzhazira Alimbayeva is a hero mother. Her family has eight children, ten grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. In addition, together with her husband Mamyrbek, they raised five more children of their relatives.

- When the war began in 1941, my father went to the front, and my mother worked for five years at the timber industry collective farm for timber harvesting and rafting. But despite all the hardships of life, she was a woman full of buoyancy. After all, she constantly, from her young age, participated in Aitys competitions. She can write songs about everyone on the go. Always won these contests. Now, of course, she got a little weakened. But all the same, she constantly smiles,” said Orymbek Alimbayev.

The head of the region Danial Akhmetov congratulated Gulzhazira Alimbayeva on this significant date, wished her health, and presented a smartly decorated chapan.

- Everything good, bright and noble on this Earth comes from the mother. Mothers with many children are a national treasure. For the present generation, you are a real example. Despite all the hardships of life that you had to go through, you always took care of your family, you are considered the keeper of the hearth. I wish you and your family happiness and prosperity,” Danial Akhmetov said.