Knowledge of languages ​​and IT competencies is an important factor of youth competitiveness of East Kazakhstan

A project is ongoing in East Kazakhstan region to introduce the trilingual education, for 3 years the local budget has allocated KZT 2.1 billion for its implementation.

At the session of the regional maslikhat, Akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov informed that for several years more than 450,000 new textbooks and teaching aids in English and Kazakh languages were purchased for schools of the region, and 3.500 teachers of language disciplines improved their qualifications.

As a result of this, the level of proficiency in the methodology and language teaching increased from 14 to 74%, an indicator of the quality of knowledge of students in language disciplines was 20% higher.

But it was decided not to stop there. Therefore, for 2019-2021, a comprehensive plan for the multilingual education development with the inclusion of the study of French and German languages ​​was adopted. KZT1 billion was allocated for this from the local budget. The first 27 French teachers have already taken direct courses. From the beginning of the new school year, they will educate a thousand children.

The head of the region shared the plans for the next three years. Education Administration has to retrain 3.700 teachers. By the end of the year, 1050 teachers will take courses, including 300 teachers of chemistry, physics, biology, and computer science must learn English.

- In secondary education, we are strictly focused on the development and transition to the updated content based on the experience of Nazarbayev intellectual schools. This year, all 655 schools with IT classes were equipped. Now children get knowledge of porobototechnics, 3D-modeling and programming for free. According to the results of the academic year, the average indicator of the quality of knowledge of students in subjects of the natural science cycle increased from 44 to 66%”, Danial Akhmetov noted.

He also talked about the development of the infrastructure of educational facilities. This year, the construction of two schools and the extension of one school in Ust-Kamenogorsk and one in Akzhar settlement of Tarbagatai district with 2600 seats will be completed. By 2022, the deficit of places in educational institutions will be completely eliminated. This will happen due to the construction of three schools in Semey, and one in Ridder and one in Karaul settlement of Abay district.