230 large families celebrate housewarming

Only two weeks passed since the meeting of the regional Public Commission to address issues of providing large families with housing, where Akim of East Kazakhstan region gave a range of instructions.

Recall that by the order of the head of the region, working commissions consisting of representatives of public organizations and mothers with many children were created in 88 rural districts and 4 district centers. They examined the purchasing houses and apartments. When choosing housing, the commission looked at the possibilities and conditions for cattle breeding and cultivation of vegetables. So, 196 houses in rural districts and 34 houses in district centers were chosen for large families. The total amount of housing purchased amounted to KZT558.5 million due to extrabudgetary funds.

Then, on June 26, during a meeting of the regional Public Commission on videoconferencing, all members of the district groups reported to Danial Akhmetov about the work done. It took 10 days to resolve all legal issues. On July 3, Akim of East Kazakhstan region told reporters that funds were transferred to buy 146 houses. The work was continued. Today, on July 11, all 230 large families living in districts of East Kazakhstan, received the keys to the long-awaited new homes.

The head of the region, Danial Akhmetov, visited Glubokoe district in order to personally congratulate 13 happy new settlers. At the same time, the ceremony of granting apartment keys took place in other parts of the region. Thus, the largest number of new settlers - 37 families - turned out to be in Borodulikha district, 34 - in Kokpekty, 27 - in Tarbagatai, 23 - in Ulan, 20 - in Urjar, 17 - in Zharma, 15 - in Katon-Karagai, 14 - in Shemonaikha, 11 - in Zaisan, 7 - in Ayagoz, 5 - in Kurchum, 4 - in Abai, 2 - in Altai district and one in Beskaragai.

It is noteworthy that the second phase of the project on providing housing for large families will start soon. Now there are more than 300 families from the district centers. Currently, akims of cities and districts are working out mechanisms for further actions under the Bakytty otbasy mortgage lending program for large, incomplete and low-income families, where Zhilstroysberbank of Kazakhstan is the operator, with the amount of loan up to KZT10 million for 20 years at 2% per annum with down payment of 10% of the loan amount with the possibility of paying by a housing certificate.