Figures of deer found in Eleke Sazy Valley of East Kazakhstan, they are such a unique find in the Eurasian space.

Unique in the Eurasian space the figures of deer, whose horns are woven with gold wires, were found on the Patsha Mound with a rare ring fence in the Tsar’s Valley of East Kazakhstan. It should be noted that the second stage of the regional program for the study of archaeological monuments is currently being implemented in the region.

Akim of the region, during his working trip to Tarbagatai district got acquainted with these new finds. To date, major work began in the valley on the area of ​​25 km. Seven groups and the expedition of Al-Farabi Kazakh State Academy are working under the direction of the outstanding archaeologists Zeynolla Samashev and Abdesh Toleubayev. The first finds of this year were on the Patsha Mound with a rare ring fence. These are unique figures of deer whose horns are woven with gold wires, a gold hryvnia, a large number of gold arkars and beads.

“Fortunately, in the Eleke Sazy Monument where the remains of the Golden Man were found this year, we also managed to find some very interesting things. They characterize the culture and the lifestyle of our ancestors who lived in the 8th century BC. The first steps are very interesting, encouraging. We see the prospect. These are only the first finds. The other finds will be by the end of this month or by the beginning of August”, Zeynolla Samashev noted. 

In two weeks, according to Abdesh Toleubayev, the huge burial chamber Sardar-1 will be uncovered. It is worth noting that during the excavations at this site a number of medical instruments were found, as well as iron knives of the early Saka period, panser plates.

- This is a new look at the history of Kazakhstan, a completely different reading of the history of our people. We see that in the 8th century BC ancestors had a high level of civilization. They possessed high technology, great knowledge. This indicates the enlightenment of our ancestors. And we have to show it to the world. This year we are planning to organize the exhibition “Gold of the Great Steppe” in Istanbul. In 2020 we will present it in one of the most remarkable museums in England, - emphasized the Governor of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov.