Commission meeting on issues of large families 

Meeting of the regional public commission to resolve issues of providing large families with housing was held today with the participation of Akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov.

The first stage was to buy housing through extrabudgetary funds for 230 families from 88 rural districts and 4 district centers. Thus, 196 houses in rural districts and 34 houses in district centers were purchased. The total amount of funds allocated for housing purchases was KZT558.5 million.

On behalf of Akim of the region, working commissions were established in the districts, which included representatives of public organizations and mothers with many children. They examined the purchased houses and apartments. At today's meeting of the regional Public Commission by means of videoconferencing, all members of the district groups reported to Danial Akhmetov on the work done.

- We have completed the first stage of the program. All 230 large families are satisfied. At the second stage, we have to provide housing for 309 more large families, said Danial Akhmetov.

The second stage will be implemented in accordance with the Bakytty otbasy public mortgage credit lending programm, aimed at providing housing for large, incomplete and low-income families.


Press service of Akim of East Kazakhstan