18 large families of Altai town of East Kazakhstan region celebrating housewarming

Today, during a working trip to Altai district, Akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov presented keys from new apartments to 18 large families. It should be noted that the 60-apartment building was built as part of the Nurly Zher State Housing Program.

The head of the region visited the apartments, and also congratulated residents on getting new housing.

- Today we have a great joyful event. On behalf of Elbasy, we provide maximum support to our mothers of many children. After all, they are the pride of the country, the wealth and the future of our state. And the most importantly is that our children have happy childhood and confidence in the future. It is a great honor for me to present you the keys from new apartments today and to wish you all the best. Be healthy and believe in the happy future. I wish all of you well-being and comfort in your new home! ” said Danial Akhmetov.

In turn, mothers of many children thanked Akim for such a long-awaited gift. After all, many of them did not have their own homes. For example, Orik Shaymardanova, a mother of 6 children, owner of the “Kүmіs alқa” market house.

- I am very glad, so far I cannot believe that we have been given an apartment. I have six children: the oldest is 15 years old, the youngest is only two years old. We rented an apartment for 15 years, and today we have become the owners of a three-room apartment. Thank you all so much! - said Orik Shaymardanova.

- I’m very happy, I have been on the waiting list to get housing for 10 years. I have four children. And now my dream has come true, I was presented the keys from a two-room apartment. Thank you all very much! - said Oksana Zimina.

- Thanks to the implementation of the state program, for five years we received the keys from the long-awaited housing. Until today, we with 4 children had to live in a rented apartment. I want to thank everyone for their support and thank you very much for the attention you are giving us, - said Yuliya Pashpayeva.

It should be noted that two 60-apartment buildings were built in Altai town within the framework of the Nurly Zher State Program. To date, the stage of completion of work on the infrastructure and improvement.


Press service of Akim of East Kazakhstan