Sergek system to launch on August, 6 in Ust-Kamenogorsk city

Today a meeting was held in East Kazakhstan regional akimat with representatives of SERGEK SHYGYS, where they discussed the progress of the program

Currently, work is underway to install equipment, networks and cable. So, as of June 4, the installation was carried out at 66 linear sections, 59 intersections. In total, the system will cover: 74 crossroads and 85 linear sections. 1700 cameras will be installed where crimes are most often committed.

In the courtyards of apartment buildings there will be about 1,200 cameras with a fixed viewing angle. Another 500 cameras will be installed in the crowded places that can change the viewing angle. Note that in the courtyards 90% of the cameras are already installed.

All cameras are equipped with infrared lighting and can perfectly “watch” in the dark. The experience of the capital confirms that the equipment is reliable and withstand all weather conditions.

The server equipment will be located in Kazakhtelecom JSC. The video with violations will go straight to the tablet of the police officers.

- A total of 4,000 cameras will be installed in Ust-Kamenogorsk. It is necessary that the system is as efficient as possible. The level of payment of fines has increased four times after launching the system "Sergek" in the capital, the accident rate has decreased twice. So, the system will pay for itself. But the question is not in the economy of the process, but in the social effect. First, the citizens will suffer less from wild drivers. Secondly, since the cameras will cover almost the entire city, the detection rate of crimes will increase significantly, and the comfort of our citizens, as a result,” Danial Akhmetov emphasized.

100 mobile tablets were transferred to the regional police department for trial operation in this system.

The head of the region also instructed to provide all on-duty vehicles of Ust-Kamenogorsk police department with the necessary equipment, as well as to determine the number of intersections and linear sections in Semey for the subsequent installation of Sergek system cameras in this city.


Press service of Akim of East Kazakhstan region