Over 45,000 East Kazakhstani people to receive targeted social assistance by the end of 2019

In East Kazakhstan, more than 45,000 people will receive targeted social assistance (TSA) by the end of 2019. More than seven billion tenge is allocated for this purpose from the republican and regional budgets. For just five months of this year, over 47,000 residents received TSA. The head of the region, Danial Akhmetov, instructed to pay this assistance by mid-June to East Kazakhstanis who applied for the TSA from May 25 to May 31.

Today, a meeting was held in East Kazakhstan regional akimat where they discussed the issue of establishing the targeted social assistance payments (TSA).

Address social assistance is provided in two forms. In the form of unconditional monetary assistance, which is assigned for six months for families where employable members do not work for objective reasons. And in the form of conditional aid assigned for 12 months. In the framework of which a social contract is concluded with a family, and employable family members are being assisted in finding work. Thus, the conditional TSA was assigned to about 42,000 residents of East Kazakhstan region, including 14.5 are employable. At the time of applying for TSA, 6,891 people had a permanent job, but with very low income. About 1,300 people managed to find a job.

Deputy Akim of East Kazakhstan region noted that the systematic work in will continue this direction. In the employment centers of EKR, we already held 12 face-to-face meetings with large families on the payment of TSA.

The head of the region instructed the Regional Employment and Social Programs Coordination Administration together with the akims of cities and districts to consider each person who receives the conditional TSA.

In addition, we note that now 3518 children from large families and children with special educational needs do not pay for food in public and private kindergartens in the region. The social protection departments of cities and districts of East Kazakhstan region will pay for them. Over KZT200 million was allocated for this purpose from the regional budget.

“Today there are 1087 graduates of 9-11 grades from low-income and large families in the region,” said Asem Nusupova. - The state order is placed for 6200 places them to get free technical specialties. In addition, 1,730 places are provided with the program of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship. At the moment, district and city education departments are working to identify those wishing from large families to study in regional colleges, to determine the specialties, qualifications and choice of the college. This data will be taken into account when granting and allocating grant places.

For these purposes, the budget provides four and a half billion tenge.

- Each akim together with the Education Administration should personally take control of every child from a large or low-income family. That is, we said, and we have to implement it. So it shouldn’t happen so that the child who wants to study, but some department from the district or city did not solve the issue with the grants that we allocated. In this regard, I instruct you to distribute all 1087 children from low-income and large families, if desired, in educational institutions of the region, Danial Akhmetov said.

It should be noted that more than 33.500 schoolchildren from low-income families now need school uniform, and the general education fund and the regional budget will purchase the uniform for them.

- In general, this question should be on the personal control of each akim of a city or district. I am instructing akims of cities and districts to prepare lists of mothers of large families raising children who attend preschool institutions for children with special educational needs and make timely payment for them. In addition, all children from large and low-income families should be covered with resting in camps, - Akim of East Kazakhstan region summed up.


Press service of Akim of East Kazakhstan region